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Are we talking EDM House, or real House?

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I’m not familiar with the sub-genre’s of house music. Maybe someone can explain them?

House was created in the 80s by Frankie Knuckles, a Chicago club DJ.
It was a sweet club genre, back at it’s creation. And, it still is, in Europe, but now in the US, it’s mostly the cheesy EDM “House” (Electro House, Prog House, Future House, etc.).

Here’s some classic House tracks from back in the day:

And, here’s what House (not EDM) sounds like today:


Listening to those examples, I definitely prefer the classic house tracks at the top.

So, we’re talking around 120 - 130bpm. I usually default to 120.

Are there any built in Auxy sounds or drums that are particularly well suited to that classic old EDM house style?

Auxy House Tutorials by @DJ_La_Rocca


No, the classics are not EDM. Actual House music is considered ECM (Electronic Club Music).
The classic stuff is ECM, and the modern stuff that I presented is ECM, as well, but subgenres such as Electro House, Progressive House, Future House, and others are EDM.
Does that make sense?

As far as stuff in Auxy, the only thing I use for ECM House is Muffin.
And, House drums are the Roland 909, which as far as I know, aren’t officially part of Auxy, but with sample import, we can use them.


Those subgenres are EDM.

No it’s not

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It’s not what?
Which point(s) do you not agree with?

House in its most concentrated definition is electronic music heavily based around a four on the floor feel, usually incorporating off beat hihat sounds. Music changes and evolves. In my view they are all house. The old stuff is just classic house


Although if we are talking about classic house then yes- Auxy doesn’t really cater to the necessary samples and sounds that well

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I agree with all of the above @Southborne. Excellent explanation

I’ve created a HOUSE MUSIC challenge for March. Check it out…

I agree with @NickElle on this one.

I actually get quite mad when people refer to EDM as house… :rage:
I’m not sure they can co-exist in a thread peacefully…?


If you guys can agree and write up a way to seperate them out without confusing people, then I’ll do it.

I think of EDM as being “Electronic Dance Music” which encompasses a wide range of genres.


That’s fair man- I agree that edm has nothing to do with house. Things like bigroom house and electro house don’t really have much to do with house but are edm at its finest. Kinda funny how stuff gets labeled. Respect what nick and yourself are saying tho


Well, I guess I like EDM house too.

Fixed it for you. :wink: