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Hey everyone

Im gonna lurk in this thread and help out


Instruments to use:

  • Silk
  • Hour

… that’s it…


I think Mascara is also a pretty good instrument for layering w/ silk & hour.


But for real, here are my FB tips:

  • Don’t always make equal wubs… add some rhythm! Triplets, 1/32, etc.
  • You’re gonna need some tasty chords…
  • Percussion is really crucial. I’ll post some common drum sounds below.
  • Wubs go well with chill music.

Good instruments to use/my personal favorites:


  • Hour
  • June
  • Coin (for tracks leading towards the chill side)
  • Igloo (for spookier tracks)


  • Lake
  • Punch
  • Shade
  • Flag (for heavy FB)


  • Silk
  • Hour
  • Mascara
  • Spray
  • Jelly
  • Silo (to add flavor to ambient tracks. -Produk)


  • Snare 23
  • Dollar’s snare
  • Whack’s snare
  • Kick 38
  • Clap 67
  • Anything from Organic Elements 1

Some good basses to wub with are:

-Subway(eat fresh, makes it nice and gritty, don’t)
-Pepper(if done right)
-Flag(makes it v crispy)
-Low octaves on a piano(I used this in Memories, I recommend for a subtle, rich feel)
-Slope(goes great w/ fragment or spray, makes it really tight and tense+gritty)
-The low octaves on Hour(try this pls, can give feels and sounds really cool)
-The low octaves on Vacuum(when skillfully paired w/ Subway, can create cool sound, I used this in Don’t)
-Experiment yourself, don’t just copy me!

Really, when layering chords the low octaves of the instruments you use can create some cool basses as well.

Layering basses is fine, just DO NOT overdo it.


In my opinion, drums in Future Bass is just as important as the wubs. Having a basic pattern is boring and an instant turn off for most fb fans (or at least me). You should have great drums with lots of different sounds.

Percussion from organic elements 1 & 2 (1 is better imo) are great to add little extra sounds to the drums.

Also, don’t forget hi-hats. This goes for most (up-beat/exciting) genres, but remember hi-hats, and not just a simple continuous pattern, add rolls and triplets, anything that sounds good to the beat of the song. It also sounds great to change the pitch to them minimally. Don’t make he hi-hats too loud, and always (for every instrument) mess with the volume bars until it sinks into the song.

Here’s a project link with a drum pattern for example. These are he drums in my next song, so please don’t steal it, it’s just an example.
Not too many hi-hats, but they didn’t sound great in the song itself when there were more. Still a good example.

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Of course Produk is the first person to reply to the thread :joy:

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Bump. Don’t make the hi-hats too complicated, because that can end up sounding really jumbled. Also, carefully pick your hi-hat sound. Some can be too dark sounding, some are too harsh, some are too soft, so pick one that matches your style.

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Also Silo if you wanna do slower, more ambient Future Bass. Can layer interestingly over Journey or a piano.

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In terms of a more ambient future bass, I layered Silo and Morning in my song Article to create a future bassy sound for the non-drop portions. It worked really well.

I use a higher pitch Beam with half ducker for kick only and full shape

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Rn I’m using spray at about half tone and full shape, and vessel at about half lowpass, half tone, and 3/4 shape

Anyone got any favourite artists or songs they’d like to list? I’m not too big on listening to the genre other than Flume and “bitbird” artists, so it would be nice to get some recommendations.

Where’s this level of tips on any other of the genre threads?

Just saying…

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I expected nothing less, tbh. But I digress. Make some tips on other threads maybe the hip-hop thread perhaps

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this thread has me, the others don’t

i make yt vids on this stuff for crying out loud

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make more XD

it’s coming soon

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