GENRE: __Dubstep__

I’m not sure tbh. I’m a noob at it

well what artists do you like/would like to make something similar/inspired by?

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I’m not sure. Maybe virtual riot?

If ur looking for VR type stuff, but perhaps more simplified, a lot of Panda Eyes’ dubstep (especially his older stuff) is pretty VR influenced

(more melodic dubstep)

I gotta run atm, so i can’t really say much, but i can quickly link u this long as hecc vid i saw the other day

(someone in the comments timestamped everything so go check that out for specifics)

(ill try and give u actual tips later, but again im busy rn so that’s all I got.)

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Gotta bring this back.
Xilent just dropped a new album on monstercat.
Check it out!

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Anything by RIOT is fantastic. Overkill might be the best release I’ve heard in the past 3 years.


Haven’t heard of these guys. But they’re awsome.

talks about Overkill
Links Wake Up VIP

Nah but RIOT are gods at ““Dubstep””. They blend so many different generes and always tie it together with more real sounding instruments

how make good dubstep

Also does anyone else here know condukta

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Step 1. S E R U M
Step 2. V R P R E S E T S

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How do you get that on auxy thooo

Great article, reading through it now!

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The writer, Lauren Martin, is one of my favourite music journalists.


Serum preset for PRESET JUNKIES is what you mean right?

Well yes, but actually no

Just VR presets in general. He tends to set the bar for Serum sounds for a lot of producers


Yes its me