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Auxy Tutorial by @DJ_La_Rocca

I posted this in another thread, but worth repeating here:

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Let’s revive this topic a bit with a few recent tracks I’ve been in love with
(Not all dubstep, but it’s a great EP)

(^ really good animation here. Don’t know what happened to the anime tho)
(I’d add some Obsidia on here, but SoundCloud keeps crashing on me so…)

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All-time favorite dubstep subgenre? :thinking: anyone?


I’m not sure what the sub genre is called but really sub low bass dubstep, made by artists like Mala.

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Heavy dubstep bro


My new track on youtube
Kraken - koloss (kraken edit)

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Been loving INFEKT’s stuff recently
(I really recommend Nagini [3rd link])

Being what exactly? Frightstep/metalstep?

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Or metalstep and deathstep too

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been a few months.

Mcat’s been killing it with dubstep recently

(it’s always a good day when there’s a Justin OH video)

and my 2 personal favorites

As for other stuff,

Stabby - Gridlock [mid-tempo]

CYBRPNK x Festivillainz - Bumpy Ride

Beatcore & Urbanstep - Side Effects

Disciple - Get Lemon

Kotori &Forgotten Twilight - Masochist
(old af but still great

And Teminite never dissapoints:
Black Tiger Sex Machine x Lektrique - Death (Teminite Remix)

(Teminite - New Dawn)

(Teminite & Said - Make Me)

(Teminite - Rattlesnake)

(Teminite - State of Mind)

Is that you

I like this music
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Damb…just damb

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does anybody have some simple tips that dubstep beginners might not know? i’m making an entire dubstep album v soon and i don’t want to mess up the very basics

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like what? because dubstep is pretty diverse and people do a lot of different things with it. is there a certain style, artist, or type of dubstep ur trying to do (midtempo, riddim, sub-step/old Spag heddy style, melodic etc)

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