GENRE: ___Drum & Bass___


I’m pretty sure that I made a topic of hoe to make DnB in September 2017. It’s outdated. I’ll show you the link anyway. Link
If that’s too confusing, Imma tell you the basics:
• 160 - 180 BPM
• Multiple Closed Hihats to suit the percussion
• Optional, but one Ride per every 1/4 of a Bar
•Kick and Snare must be in These orders.

Keep in mind that those were just the basics… of the drums. There are multiple kinds of DnB: Heavy, Pure, Melodic, Drumstep, etc. A trypical dnb song would sound like this.


I like to think of myself as a drum and bass master.

Typically, dnb is set at 174 bpm, but you can do around 160-180 bpm.
You also have to include powerful bass lines, and most of the time, when it is Melodic, you need chords.

It sounds good with piano…
And as always, you need a lead


Somewhat depends. You trynna make more melodic DnB or hard hitting DnB?

Personally I’d like to think I’m better at the latter, but I’m still happy to try and help if u need it


I’m a fan of weird clicky percussion.

Here’s a little kit I put together with an example 4 bar loop. All internal samples.


I’m attempting to program a complex dnb beat like this but I’m getting nowhere, anyone have any tips?


Had a quick listen, meant to earlier…

Nice combo of the acid sound and frantic drum and bass beats.

I can’t speak to the bass parts at all, but for the drums, usually listening to a piece at a time helps a lot. You can still hear the classic two step kick snare, kicksnare underneath it all. Once you lay down the basics, just as a single bar or two at the most, copy it and start making variations. A big piece of what’s going to make the drums unique is the percussion and sound elements you choose. There’s a LOT of good stuff in Organic Elements and Electronic Percussion under Leviathan 2. Start simple, build bigger. Fill in the gaps with percussive elements.

Since we can’t reverse samples natively we miss out on that, which kind of stinks. Take advantage of soft notes on 32nd note rolls too (something I do a lot is snare or blippy / beepy sample rolls either normal to soft or soft to normal, depending on what I’m trying to do).

Also, I know you’re using ReSlice too, so you could grab external stuff from either other apps or just from the net in general. You’re going to probably get a closer sound to what you’re looking for especially if you’re intending on getting those classic break sounds (which this UKF video isn’t using, but nothing in Auxy right now comes close to sounding like an amen break or think break).

Hope this helps some


Huge help man great advice as always thanks so much.



I know this topic should be more Auxy focused, but Protostar just put out a DnB tutorial for drums that any DnB producer could pick up a few things from



Simply sublime!



Probably the most unconventional dnb tune ever but I love it.


Why is it called Reverse Engin- oHHHHHHHH



That is my chiptune drum and bass track


My most recent dnb track using Auxy


The best dnb dj in the world IMO


I have one disadvantage for DNB


Maybe not,who knows…