GENRE: ___Drum & Bass___




I was chatting about Andy C just a few days ago.

I picked up his first release (‘Sour Mash EP’) back when it was first released, not knowing anything about his music.
I didn’t like it, so it went into the collection and was quickly forgotten.

Wasn’t till many years later, when I was selling my vinyl collection that I checked it out again.
Still wasn’t my kinda thing, but it turned out to be one of the more valuable records I had.

Obviously, in the years since I’d bought it, he’d become a big name. :+1: :+1:


Genre-wise, he was never really my cup of tea, but there is no denying his ability on the ol’ ones-and-twos.


Little bit of drum inspiration for everyone. Jojo Mayer is a machine. Nerve is pretty great.

I gotta look up their bassists setup one of these days, apparently, all of the bass work is played from a real bass going through probably about a million effects pedals. Pretty awesome stuff.


While we’re at it, my other favorite drummer of the genre:

KJ Sawka of Pendulum


TIP: When making DnB, a really awesome tempo (according to me) is 174 BPM, try it out :D.



Yesss this guy is a total beast. He’s funny too apparently he recorded some sessions for some kind of sample pack and the video is great. Actually it might not even be real!! I didn’t care I watched the whole thing haha


Hi guys, I’m looking at starting to make some jungle dnb. I’m struggling with making some sick sounding 808 bass does anyone have any tips?


For what’s built into Auxy your best bet is the Boom Bass back (very 808ish to me) and Punch from the original pack. Otherwise, you’re gonna be sampling from external sources. The built in instruments are pretty durn good though for this


Thanks man I’ll give it a go


If you’re looking to possibly makeshift an 808, a potential solution could be to key out a full drum kit of 808s and layer them on top of another regular bass, in order to give it that distinctive kick. That might not be a good way to do it but it’s a possibility if none of the other instruments have the sound you want.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome


This has to be one of my favourite drum and bass songs just because it doesn’t follow the traditional drum and bass structure.


Pretty cool, reminds me A LOT of Pendulum and maybe even more so The Qemists. Good stuff! DnB and rock are a good cross road


This has to be one of my favourite dnb artists, completely non conventional, simplistic but still amazing.


Lol. Everyone is saying “this reminds me of Pendulum” about the whole EP even though Muzzy wasn’t even trying to do that.


It’s not a bad thing, Pendulum was/is great. Just calling a spade a spade :slight_smile:


Of course it’s not a bad thing. But it’s still kinda funny because whenever someone does something different for DnB, it’s always compared to them.

I think what makes Pendulum so comparable tho is how diverse they are. They are “Drum & Bass” but their tracks/ albums all showcase something different.

Same case for The Cascade. Muzzy wanted not to just do a collab with these artists, he wanted to create a track to almost honor them, but with a Muzzy twist added onto that. SK’s collab had some heavy metal elements in it, the Flite one had those “Flite type” melodies & drum patterns. Etc.


Sooooo, I want to make some drum and bass. But, as it turned out, I suck Horridly at the genre. I know some users on here excel at the genre, and maybe if you are one of them, maybe you could give me some pointers?