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Goldie & The Heritage Orchestra “Timeless (Sine Tempore)"


Aside from using Congo Natty as a seed for streaming radio, does anyone know of any newer (or older) Jungle producers? Heard some tracks today I was really digging on but I’m specifically looking for breaks + MCing. Always seems to be the hard part :confused:

Rock steady :stuck_out_tongue:




Thank thank thank you my man :slight_smile: I’m home with the kids all day and weekend, so I’m not gonna have time to look until Monday but will look ASAP for sure. Have a hankering for jungle!!


I’ve been doing some digging on experimental dnb.
Some really interesting stuff out there. Surprised me how far away from trad dnb it gets. (Good to see that some still understand what it means to be experimental within a genre.)

Very inspiring. Dark and edgy. Like it.
Added several mixes to my inspiration playlists, so possibly some ‘dnb’ from me, or at least some dark, edgy dnb-influenced material, at some point.



Anyone on here made any dnb?


@icsleepers and @lowey I think
There are others that I’m forgetting right now
Adding @TheRealJFalc to this list


I’ve made a small collection of DnB tracks as well. xD


Yup. I’ve done a bit (check my latest post under #tracks)

But I also have like 4 other DnB tracks that I’ve never released, tho I probably should…


I think the intersection of Dub Techno and Drum & Bass is my favourite sound at the moment.
Great links. Repeated listens. :ok_hand:


Indeed. It’s given me some exciting ideas about which direction to take when I remake one of my own tracks from a few months back. It was a strong idea, imo, but I didnt execute on it particularly well.

I think this edgier, darker, more abstracted dnb sound would work brilliantly for it.

…while still making sense as part of the Heathen AKA body of work.


Yeah my track ICE CUBED is DnB. I mean to make more DNB tbh


like this?


I don’t know why it took so friggin long to find something like this, obviously my Google-fu is utter :poop: but, here it is:

Nice little hub for all things ragga jungle, which truth told, lately, I cannot get enough of. Even if sometimes on streaming radio reggae or dub comes up, that’s cool it’s all good.

There are sample packs here, mixtapes, various releases.

I’m just so, so so glad this is still a thing.


You’d think it’d be easier to spot – because jungle is massive.


I couldn’t see the forest for the trees ;D


Speaking of dnb, my favorite dnb artist has to be Flite. If you don’t know who he is, check this, his best song, out.


Good stuff, I’m reminded of Pendulum. If you like this, you’d like them :slight_smile: more Hold Your Colour than Immersion I’d say. Both are great albums though


Is there anyone out there who could give me some pointers on creating DNB tracks ??? image