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Gahhhh so so so good, thank you for this. I love watching stuff like this, really incredible where it’s come from

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Ok, I have a few things to share I’ve seen over the years that are just great related to jungle/drum and bass:

Video explaining the history and uses of the Amen break

interview, this is part one of three. Photek is part 2 and Source Direct is 3rd. Ignore the intro the interviews themselves are in English.
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Btw, god rest his soul but the part about Bowie at the end made me laugh, it was very easy to picture :relaxed:

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Cheers for this! Will be using it often hopefully

Another great (not just drum and bass) break is the funky drummer. I’ve heard this used in drum and bass, hip hop, Atari Teenage Riot… if the amen break is the father of jungle drum programming, funky drummer is the holy spirit.


35 Classic Jungle Drum & Bass Breaks - A to Z

List of breaks
  1. Action
  2. Amen
  3. Apche
  4. Assembly Line
  5. Both Eyes Open
  6. Cold Sweat
  7. Do the Do
  8. Don’t Change Your Love
  9. Flow
  10. It’s A New Day
  11. Kick Back
  12. Kool Is Back
  13. Let a woman be a woman
  14. Life Could
  15. New Orleans
  16. NT
  17. Ode to Billy Joe
  18. Plastic Jam
  19. Put Your Love
  20. Scorpio
  21. Sesame Street
  22. Shack Up
  23. Sing A Simple Song
  24. Sneakin’ in the Back
  25. Sniper
  26. Soul Beat
  27. Soul Pride
  28. Sport
  29. Sweet Pea
  30. Mardi Gras
  31. Think
  32. Tighten Up
  33. Whole Thing
  34. Willie Pass the Water
  35. Worm

‘Think’ is my personal favourite.


YES I couldn’t remember the name of that break! AHHHHHH

This was my first exposure to that break:

(break and track starts at 3:09)

Just as good as the first time I saw it!!

Also, fair warning, the vids I’ve posted and @blakkaz are probably not safe for work or youngins at some parts. Just be advised. But DON’T rob yourself of amazing history, either…

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This is my favourite use of ‘think’, and also one of my all time fav DnB tracks…

Logistics - Together

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This is SUPER nice. It sounds familiar, I’m wondering if I’ve heard it in passing but giving it a nice focused listen now :slight_smile: very slick production

BTW, this is a resource that I’ve been aware of for MANY MANY years now, there are more loops here than you can shake a stick at:

PLEASE PLEASE be aware, NONE of these samples are cleared. But, if you want great breaks to play around with and LEARN from, this cannot be beat. There is a mountain of classics on this site.


Speaking production quick, I’ve a few tips for inquiring minds:

  • Have your tempo fall somewhere between 160-180. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but once you get slower than 160 you get into more dubstep / trance etc tempo windows. DNB breaks at ~130bpm is more like breakbeat at that point
  • DO NOT STACK THE LAYERS. Most drum and bass / jungle is sparse with regard to instrument count. When you listen to these types of tracks you can VERY clearly pick out the bass, drum/percussion, a lead synth or piano etc.
  • Pitch your snares. Erratically. This is a classic, classic drum and bass / jungle move. Having a hard time finding a clear example now, but picture a series of three snare hits where the pitch of each hit increases like a staircase.
  • Your drum loops - fill in the gaps. Use percussive elements to fill in the gaps between your kicks and snares. 32nd notes and soft notes come in handy here for rolls and etc.

Squarepusher (music) + Chris Cunningham (video). Two chaps that helped define new directions.

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Oooooooh boy, Chris Cunningham yes yes yes yes yes.

I remember being in highschool and looking on… I can’t even remember what site. Not youtube, and finding all these videos like Come to Daddy and Windowlicker and just being in total awe.

Really bringing back some good memories here haha :slight_smile:


Yes haha, I was thinking this one, I have something on Moving Shadow 00.1 that is a VERY clear example, I gotta find it again though. It’s a little tricky though cause the stuff on there in some cases differs from the original versions. I’ll need to take a listen during lunch and make a note of the track

Good advice.

I’ve always described DnB as a Goldilocks genre -

The drums feel twice as fast…
The bass feels twice as slow…
And everything else has to fit in the middle.


I made a DnB kit before using a custom sample before Organic Elements 2 was introduced. However, with its introduction I found a better ride hihat sound and now the kit doesn’t require a new sample, and sounds much better. It’s named “Window” in reference to the old legacy kit that mostly suited DnB with the excellent ride, frame. Here’s two sets I created myself. changed some of the percussion from iCloud sounds so people don’t have to worry about importing nw sounds.