GENRE: ___Ambient___


owh … ok, i tried to upload the file via phone last night (SC desktop version), and didnt even think about trying it again… haha, and .MOV file is not in the list :crazy_face: i’m using videoleap to stitch the file. Could be wrong file type uploaded. fuuuuuu hahha

hey @akabillposters i’m just a normal Auxy user, and i’m thankfull i manage to work on Auxy. :grin:

and thank you for reposting again :bowing_man:


MOV is definitely the wrong format. It’s technically possible for them to extract the audio server-side, but it’s not surprising that they don’t accept video files as an upload format.


Check out something like Audio Recorder & Editor for Android and Audacity for desktop.

Both will let you stitch WAV files together.


Thanks, i will checkout the stitching apps options :+1:t3:


There’s some inspiring stuff being posted here! I wrote this on American Turkey Day last week – takes a few minutes to drill down into its inner ambience…


to warm this topic up a little (:P)

how is it that others use the chaplin speech as well? I looked it up but couldn’t find anything about them having those rights (as paolo nutini e.g.):


This one is accidentally chill…if that makes any sense.


PS: Waves went through post-production on another program and was Mastered.


There’s generally two options…

Either they don’t actually have the license to use it, are knowingly or unknowingly infringing copyright by using it - and liable to be sued if discovered by the copyright holder, or…

…more likely, imo, as Nutini is on a major label and much more likely to be noticed…
They’ve paid and_do_ have license.

Major labels have thousands of artists and will typically need to get new clearance to use thousands of samples every year.
They will actually have people in the label whose job is specifically to get copyright clearance for samples used by their artists.

Aside from having more bucks to afford the many license fees, they probably pay a much lower rate through volume and negotiation - maybe even lower than other smaller labels would be asked to pay.

It’s likely that the asking price for using it in an audio-only remix is much lower than for using it prominently in a global, cross-media marketing campaign for a major global technology brand, but still expensive enough to put it typically out of reach of smaller, independent labels and artists.


I know right. :wink:


Here’s a new one for you guys: Voxel City


this… will totally help me produce ambient music :heart_eyes:


Finally put one out…


Nice work! I’m not an ambient expert, but I like the sound. Very relaxing.


I’ve been told this may qualify as “ambient” but I’m not sure as I t’s pretty up-tempo (I’m terrible with all of these sub-genres). You get to be the judge…


It has ambient qualities, but I wouldn’t consider that the primary genre.
Too much presence of the rhythm structure for that.

It’s closer to EDM (not in the Garrix, Deadmau5 sense), with touches of melodic techno, trance, even ‘world’ (imo).

Either way, Liked and Reposted. :+1: :slight_smile:


I like to make ambient stuffs :blush:
Lemme know how you like it!


It’s just some chill stuff


@akabillposters Yeah…sometimes I finish a song and I have no idea what genre to assign it to, other than the generic “Electronic”. Thanks for the feedback and re-post! :+1:t2:


Especially insomniacs. :wink:

I know what you mean by falling asleep to music, but it still seems like damning praise.


It probably doesn’t take that long to find out that a song has percussion :rofl: