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Love your stuff. Has a very ‘modular synth’ vibe.


Just finished up new ambient album. All done in Auxy (some are slowed down though and one I recorded a guitar over). Please at least listen to State of Mind. :slight_smile:


HOLY MOTHER OF A CHILD, THAT’S AWESOME! I could sleep to that 10/10 would recommend to friends.


Thank you so much, my dude!


No problem! I’m trying a sort of weird, non-rhythmical ambient that was inspired by my time playing Breath of the Wild. If you want to hear it, it’s only a tiny project rn:

…I have no idea what I’m doing XD


That means you’re doing it right


That sounds really cool!


Thanks! It’s nowhere near as good as yours tho.


Yo, I just checked out your SoundCloud page. You’ve got some cool chiptune stuff, love it!


Thank you! Y’know, I think I’ll go look at your page a little more in-depth before I hit the hay for today.


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I’m not not following BobTheGUYYYYY


Took me a little while to recognise the ‘guitar’ in Waves Far Away. :wink:
Thought for a second you were cheatin’ on the ‘all done in Auxy’ bit. But, one of the electric pianos, right?

It’s surprisingly convincing. :+1:


Actually that one was a real guitar, I forgot to mention it. However, I have used an electric piano as a guitar before and it sounds surprisingly good. I think Transfer with the pitch and tone up all the way was best if I recall correctly. Technically the first and last song weren’t 100% Auxy because I used another software to slow them down to an extreme.
Edit: Fixed my posts to mention the guitar


Too late!




Since i’m not able to upload to SC the Pattern Rite: Full Version due to huge files, you can listen to it in a cut of by tracks.

Summary of the Pattern Rite tracks: Currently i’m experimenting/looking for more to orchestra/cinematic sound and combining the “Synth” sound in a track (Auxy has a limitation on how much instrument you can create (not mistakenly, MAX at 16 instruments) So finding way to finalise is a pain.

Hopefully, you all enjoy what i have uploaded in SC.

Pattern Rite - Part 1 of 2 (+ bonus)
Pattern Rite - Part 2 of 2 (Final Part)


As a listener, I love your music. As a fellow music maker, I love your attitude to composition. As an Auxy user, I love that you’re taking Auxy into new areas.

Imo, you’re one of the most interesting music makers using Auxy.

Already following, liked and reposted both parts.

:+1: :+1:


How big is it? SC upload limit is 5GB / 6hrs 45mins per file.