GENRE: ___Ambient___


Ambient is a very wide genre, it really depends on what you think of as ambient.


Poor ole me can only make ambient on a compooter


As a dedicated listener of ambient and other related genres, I know that. Evidently, what I think of as ambient doesn’t really include that track. :wink:

To my ears, it simply had more defining characteristics in common with chill and future bass genres than something that you’d find filed under ‘ambient’.


Well yeah, but your classification of ambient music doesn’t necessarily
apply to everybody else.


I get that. But by the same token, something isn’t ‘ambient’ (genre) just because you, moemx - or I - say it is*.
It actually does have a general definition and defining characteristics.

* unless you’re Brian Eno :wink:


@NotMiles and I want the stranger things song my man! Do it.


You expect me to post something you could get for yourself in a 2-second Google search?
It’s not hard to find. It’s one of the most popular TV shows in recent years.


You’re right. Here it is

And absolutely true: this sounds RIDICULOUSLY similar to my song. :smiley: i never heard this theme until now.

So it’s decided: stranger things will be my next bingewatch project :wink: :ok_hand:t3::smirk:

Edit: just found this cello medley which is even more dope.


How bout “Just search Google”


Not a fsn




what i’m up to last 2 days, just some repetitive waves :ocean:


It’s called ‘making a point’. :wink:


don’t need to “make a point” when that could get people annoyed at you…
and it takes longer to read anyway


Fwiw, I’m fine with that. Life’s not a popularity contest.
‘Spelling it out’ isn’t about efficiency, it’s about effect.

Jus’ sayin’


my point is, you don’t have to spell it out…


If it was that obvious, presumably they wouldn’t have made that request.

We done here?


Trippy ambient bit in Sulfur Caves.

Oh, and @akabillposters, sometimes I just forget that Google is a thing that exists, it happens.


My latest polytonal madness embraces ambient-ness around 2 minutes in, before going on a romp through a few other genres, finding its way to a vacuum cleaner sound that’s been stored in my head for decades, around 6’:


I want to hear some people’s ambient songs for Auxy, please PM them to me