GENRE: ___Ambient___


Considerably, yes…

I would look dope with those teardrop tattoos… :droplet::smirk:

But let’s maybe talk discord later @hayvn since this threat used to be about dope ambient music :slight_smile:

Thanks @akabillposters for your help


I’m bad at it, please senD meeeEEEE



Here’s my shot, plz comment for improvement ya :sweat_smile:

Tempo: 60



I like it! I just have one tip and a question for you. Tip: I think it could use a more little reverb. Question: did you just use just the default settings for each instrument? If so, try throwing in some automation (doesn’t have to be anything crazy) [I usually do lowpass]. Otherwise, nice song.


Thanks! Not all instruments are in default settings, I’m still playing around with the settings just to suits the long and tone that i’m looking for ( hearing instrument just like choir singing or angels , some sort hahah) but all are just repetitive and some simple notes :sweat_smile: and yea, shape + tone + reverb + delay but depending on the tune i guess :rofl:.

Hopefully syncing with any artwork I’m doing

Thanks for the tips :pray:t3:


I do a lot of experimental stuff, often with ambient sensibilities. In the first part of this one I explore a chord progression that had been haunting me, and around 14’ I attempted to break free of 12-tone a bit.


Nice, though more (future) chill than ambient. :slight_smile:


Liked, reposted and followed. :slight_smile:

Anyone touching drone here gets my support. :+1: :+1: :slight_smile:

I agree with @NotMiles. It feels like it would sound even better if the sounds were developed a bit more.
I agree with the comment on reverb, though I think it might be interesting to leave the drums less wet.


A very interesting piece. Wish more people had your conceptual ambition. :slight_smile:


Thanks :pray:t3: @akabillposters, will surely do more track like this :ok_hand:t2:


This is the most ambient/chill track I got. The chords come in about 18 seconds in . I also attempted to make the bass sound more like a bass guitar. Instead of a synth bass :slight_smile:


nice man! loving the chords and the vibe they create. I could just see a little more variaton, been hearing the same melody for 3:18 - I’m sure switching it up with a little bridge makes it extra enormous when it drops in again… :slight_smile:


Thanks! Good to know :smiley:


since this in an ambient thread I just need to post a song myself: ‘fragment’ is probably the one I’m most proud of:

ambient-pro-tip: layers create that extra epic atmosphere, put the lead on top, pitch it, play a little with reverb and low/highpass and there you go <3


Can’t help thinking it sounds like a Stranger Things remix.
A good one, for sure. :slight_smile:

Has similar use of arp and, I think, the same chord progression.


I heard this so often now… never seen stranger things :smiley: maybe I should…
should I?


Whether you’ve seen it or not, I’m not buying that you’ve not heard/been directly inspired by the Stranger Things theme. :wink:

It’s too close to be a coincidence, imo.

(I’d certainly become quite familiar with the theme before I’d ever watched an episode, due to the heavy promotion online.)


:smiley: no im serious!
Can u post it here? Now I really wanna hear that!


Now I’m curious. I’ve never heard it either