GENRE: ___Ambient___


Alright. Can’t wait to hear it


Ambient is so good and relaxing, just started a few but just raw. :+1:t3:


Yo @NYC where’s that ambient track bro. It’s been three months lol.


Share ‘em, why not.


He’s so chilled that it might take years.


What if @NYC has chilled beyond human comprehension?


Sure, ambient just takes some time :joy:


I guesd this is

#90 makes amazing ambient type music.


Yeah Limerence is amazing


This is so mesmerising :flushed:


…and likely to get a hard DMCA smackdown if the frequently litigious Chaplin Estate ever get wind of it – because it uses the speech from Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.

A few years ago at work, we wanted/planned to use it for a brand video (global brand, edited version, online rights only).
They wanted $3.5M.

The Chaplin Estate don’t mess about.

Jus’ sayin’ :wink:




Are you serious?! // @moemx I think we’re in trouble …


Of course, the likelihood of them suing you is low. As you’re a small entity, it’ll likely be a DMCA claim through whichever platform the work appears on.
After that, it would likely be a template ‘cease & desist’ letter from a lawyer.

Both of those options effectively mean – stop it now, and we won’t do anything.

It’s only if they sue you that things get painful – and expensive.

Of course, first they have to discover that you’ve done it.
But, who knows how likely that is with algorithms these days.

Just saying that they’re very serious about anything Chaplin, especially that popular speech. And they have a reputation of going after every infraction they discover. (The Elvis Presley Estate are the same. Zero tolerance.)

Just out of curiosity, what made you think it was OK to use it?


It’s not clear whether the film itself in the Public Domain, but even so, that may only be for showing the film as the film, rather than sampling audio from it.

[Edit 2

It’s still under copyright.


hmm… I see your point. @akabillposters - thanks for clarifying. but when you asked for permission for your video, you did ask for legal use in a commercial context right?

I think putting both songs (mine as well as the one me and @hayvn built) on Spotify or similar won’t happen anytime soon :roll_eyes: but how come that all of those motivational speeches online use exactly those pieces of content for their purposes - and even also clearly monetizing them? don’t get that…

also isn’t it kind of ironic that we’re talking about getting potentially sued over a “message for all of humanity” where our main purpose is to spread this amazing message to people? :smiley:

I like fun.


Copyright is just a weird thing in general, to be honest, and I don’t necessarily believe it’s up to date anymore considering all that that has happened since the DMCA rulings were first put into effect. I hope the songs don’t get taken down at all personally, they’re really cool ^w^


Didn’t mean to derail the thread.
Back to the great music. :+1: :slight_smile:


(My reply. Feel free to skip/ignore)

Yep. We wanted to use them for a brand video for a major brand.
It would be made available online to the public. (We went with a custom script in the end.)

“asked for permission” doesn’t really reflect how these things go. Copyrighted stuff like this are commercial assets. It’s best not to get swayed by the proliferation of Creative Commons, etc… that might create the impression that all content is free. It’s typically a matter of licensing something for commercial use, which you’ll typically be expected to pay for.

You should keep in mind, that even if you only use it in a track that appears on SoundCloud, you’ve still technically used it for ‘commercial purposes’ (promote yourself as musicians), whether you’re directly making money from it or not.


isn’t it kind of ironic that we’re talking about getting potentially sued over a “message for all of humanity” where our main purpose is to spread this amazing message to people?

A little, but keep in mind, it was a speech in a movie, that people had to pay to see. A piece of commercial content that the studio/producers expected to profit from.

By contrast, public speeches made by JFK, Churchill or other formal politicians, national leaders, etc… typically go straight into Public Domain. At least, that’s the case in the US/EU/UK.

Something slightly ironic that, had he been a genuine dictator (ergo a politician), you might possibly have had a better chance of using the speech for free. :wink:


No please do! Both @hayvn and me are rather dumb when it comes to legal stuff, now we at least know that we’re potentially screwed :smiley:

Jokes aside: I think helping each other out with that’s stuff makes this community great. Thanks :pray:t3: :slight_smile:


So, what’s the plan? Music from prison?