GENRE: ___Ambient___


They were possibly ready to sweep the ambient thread under the carpet. I think they thought that it wouldn’t get as much attention as say, future bass, so they put chill and ambient under the same banner to garner more activity :slight_smile:


I shall not allow this to happen


I’m not sure what you’re asking.
Or why you’re asking me…?


Wasn’t asking you specifically, just askin’.
Just wondering why Ambient and Chill were crammed into the same thread.


@Shepdoge I listened to one of the songs in that playlist that you posted in the other thread. It was Ghostfields. Amazing stuff! (You should post the playlist here too)


Glad you liked it, Blue is an exceptional album. Have had it on repeat every night before sleep for the past few days.

Also, why was my comment deleted @MisterMaster? I had a good recommendation: 36

I’m guessing it was for being too loud, sorry lol. I’m liking the crackdown on silly threads/comments, actually. Nice job :blush:


TBH, I think it’s almost impossible to say these days.
With so much multi-influence music being passed of as a specific genre, often incorrectly*, the DNA is very mixed - and the level of genuine understanding (and arguably, importance) of core genre characteristics is going down…

(…while the instinct to define things/oneself in ‘grouping’ terms is going up. (Cultural tribalism).)

For instance, members here listening to stereofield and crystaldawn and believing they’re listening to ambient, when it may be Chill or simply have Ambient influences. (The stuff I’ve heard is far from what I’d consider categorically Ambient.)

But that’s not exclusive to this place. It’s common everywhere.

The genealogy of music isn’t as linear as it used to be.
And while it makes these kinds of conversations difficult, that’s not an inherently bad thing.

As with many things in these post-modern times, with influences coming at us from a thousand different directions, it’s often easier to recognise what something isn’t than what it is.

In terms of Chill, Downtempo, etc…

I think the best we can hope to do is look at archetypal artists from each genre, understand the history as best we can and make ‘best guesses’.

For instance, while traditional Downtempo had electronic elements, and some would define it as a sub of Electronic, it was rarely overtly ‘synthetic’, sitting somewhere between Pop, Soul, Jazz, ‘Easy Listening’ and Electronic. No direct connection to the Ambient branch of the musical family tree.

A lot of Downtempo was quite ‘relaxed’, so there’s a connection to Chill - if only in terms of attitude and application, rather than soundscape.

Chillout is seemingly a term that sprung up from the post-club/post-high experience which would often blend Ambient, downtempo (small d) and ‘Easy Listening’ tracks in a single playlist. (Think Café del Mar.)

Chill, as you mentioned, certainly seems to be the rhythm-centric cousin (or second step-niece) of Ambient.

Maybe using single genres simply isn’t fit-for-purpose any more. Maybe it’s all about the hyphenated genres now.
Maybe we should be talking in terms of ‘ingredients’, rather than trying to name the meal.

I dunno. :man_shrugging: :slight_smile:


Really can’t see it happening in that direction.

The notion of ‘no retrig’ is more ‘pro’ than Auxy is aiming for with their UX/audience.

Even ADSR might be beyond where Auxy is comfortable talking, especially the D and S parts.
(Attack and Release can be described and understood in very simple terms. Do you want the sound to start suddenly or softly? Do you want the sound to stop suddenly or softly?
Decay and Sustain, not so simple.)

If they think users can get functionally close enough to a ‘no retrig’ behaviour using an A(DS)R, then I suspect that’s the route they’d most likely take.


Ah yeah, why did I think downtempo was exclusively of electronic origin? But yeah, I agree with what you said so eloquently. Ingredients are a perfect way to put it. Relatively, I think my song progressions in particular are sour milk, or rotten eggs.


Get this man a Vaporwave and Bro-Step thread!



“ABAB is all i know bro. living life to the next drop”


You’ll fit in here nicely. :wink:


Anyone has a Good “Ambient for the Day” for listening? :wink:


In half of my songs there’s an ambient section. Does anyone else use Auxy to create ambient tracks? Post them here so the Auxy community can listen & chill.


The ambient bit starts at 4:29. I think that it’s one of the best ambient sections I’ve ever made


Jesus it sounds so natural😂


Wow, thanks!


U made that entirely with auxy? Those waves sounded absolutely perfect.


Yep, Auxy only. The sweeper can be used for more than just rises


One of my songs in my auxy library is ambient… release coming when I have the time.