GENRE: ___Ambient___


You can find it on Spotify and probably YouTube.

Just search for “A Brief History of Ambient”.




Yeah nrgb linked me up above :smile:


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Wow, you got through all four volumes in three minutes? That’s impressive!



P sure that’s sarcastic lol.

No, but I listened to pieces of each.

(supposed to be watching the Oscars rn shhhh)

(a recording if you were wondering, we missed the first half… anyways I’m off topic)


I lolled. I’m still lolling.


Just quietly, I’m pretty pleased with myself…


Then as the meme pic above suggests, you’re doing it wrong.

That’s how you end up with a superficial understanding of a subject.




I highly recommend it. It’s a great series.

It’s great head music, great for active listening, great for focussing on work or study - and, yes, great music to fall asleep to, even the more ‘aggressive’ and synthetic stuff.

then let’s talk again about ambient music. :wink:

(…not that listening to those compilations makes you an instant expert. I’m no expert and I’ve been listening to and appreciating ambient for decades.)


Damn, nrgb! Back at it again with the savage memes!


Honestly, I’m of a mind that percussion is the divisive line between what’s classed as chill and what’s classed as ambient. In my opinion, chill, or more specifically, downtempo has cousin-genres like lo-fi, future garage, chillout, trip hop, etc., of which usually incorporate strong/hard-hitting drum patterns. Ambient is more ethereal and constitutes of sophisticated pads and drones, 99% of the time without a distinctive beat. My man @moemx makes a blend of these beautiful genres, which I think should be dubbed as “epicient” (epic ambient, amirite :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Now, why d’ya have to go and say something like that…



Fwiw, I don’t think Chill will ever exceed Hip-Hop in popularity or influence. I’m certain that Ambient won’t.

Also fwiw, I’d say that Pop is the dominant genre now and has been since the 80s, arguably the early/mid 60s.
(I’d actually put Hip-Hop below R&B in terms of current influence and popularity.)

…at least, in the countries I think we’re talking about.


I’ve added ADSR to the feature request list a couple of times.
(I think that’s as close to a non-retrig option as Auxy is ever likely to get.)

Seems to receive some positive responses from certain quarters, but I’m not holding my breath.


I thought downtempo is the genre that encompasses subgenres like chill-out, lo-fi, etc. etc… Do you think “chill” is the true overarching term for these subgenres?


Maybe the first step toward ADSR implementation is to add something like this; an option that allows users to create loops that don’t break after the 8 bar loop is complete. Henrik and Fredrik could explain the feature by making reference to sustain. That way, users who don’t understand what ADSR does can get a glimpse of what it could add to their creativity. Then the push for the whole feature begins, and it becomes an inkling in our eyes :star_struck:


Ya, why are they in the same thread?