GENRE: ___Ambient___


For the majority of chill songs, especially those made here in Auxy, I tend to notice a lot of soft snares (reduced lowpass) and multiple percussion sounds, such as claps, snaps, and sometimes toms. It’s adds a nice foundation for the track, and especially with Auxy’s new drum library, you really want to hear some nice and new drums here and there.

Your song is really nice, but I’m not entirely sure all of it fits under the chill genre. Well, a lot of it is, but it’s missing some parts. I love the melodic percussion, but in my opinion it does need actually snare clap percussion.

When I’m making ambient music, I typically strive to make music people would actually want to put their headphones on and relax to, maybe even fall asleep to. For many genres, that would be offensive, and I agree. But for chill songs, you want to let the soft sounds get to you. That being said, the bass in Passing the Red Giant seems to get stronger at many parts and doesn’t fit with the rest of the instruments. I think it’s… a boom bass? That’s the thing, the word ‘boom’ definitely doesn’t fit with ambient music.

You certainly need bass in chill songs to really make the track sound complete and to get that lower octave in there. But strong basses fit better for EDM sort of tracks. :wink:


ambient != chill

I think it’s important make a distinction between the two.


True, ambient and chill music aren’t the same, but most of the rules apply to both. Ambient tends to have less percussion, but it still has some.


I can think of many of ambient records without any percussion.


I think that the sense of ambient needing percussion is coming off of @moemx’s style of writing ambient tracks xD They have a strong chill influence so it makes a bit more sense. When I think of music without percussion I usually think “atmospheric” rather than “ambient”. Perhaps that’s the distinction?


Yeah, I’m talking about most ambient music. The majority of these tracks do have percussion.

Most ambient tracks I have heard do have drums. I bet we listen to different music, and the kind of chill music I hear (mainly in the Auxy community) has percussion.


I’m actually thinking of crystldawn and stereofield. :slight_smile:


It’s no accident that I used #ambient as the main genre tag, not #chill. :wink:
(I added #chill as a secondary genre tag to be visible to and potentially draw in listeners from a related genre.)

There are many ways I could have composed and produced that ambient piece, but it’s not ‘missing’ anything. :slight_smile:


That’s the thing, the word ‘boom’ definitely doesn’t fit with ambient music.

Forgive me for saying this, but I don’t think you fully understand ambient as a genre.

Please check out the ‘A Brief History of Ambient’ compilation series that I mentioned. It’ll expand your understanding and appreciation of the genre.



‘Atmospheric’ is one of the defining characteristics of ambient - at least, according to some bloke named Brian. :wink:


I honestly don’t think you’ve listened to enough ambient to make such a statement, especially ‘classic’/archetypical ambient.



who’s brian? xD


He’s friends with Steve.


Oh, couldn’t see that on mobile. :sweat_smile:

I may have worded that wrong… it’s not exactly missing anything, rather some things could be replaced (such as the bass).

I agree I don’t have a complete experience with producing it, but I have listened to a lot of it. It’s quite common that when you think of “boom bass” or even just “boom,” you would think of upbeat, trap, or heavy music. You definitely need bass but not the strong kind. It fit somewhat well with your track, but I don’t think so with the louder parts. You did a great job, and maybe I don’t have a huge understanding on ambient music, but this is just my opinion.


Anyone who didn’t get that reference probably shouldn’t be making categorical statements about what ambient music is or isn’t. :wink:

Fwiw, Brian Eno is the person credited with coining the phrase ‘ambient music’ and is certainly one of its earliest and leading practitioners.

(I was going to say Eno, instead of Brian, but felt that was making the reference a little too easy.)


Who is steve?!




I think we’re talking about different portrayals of ambient music. I, 95% of the time, don’t listen to ambient stuff outside of the Auxy community. I’m getting a lot of this from moemx, stereofield, and crystldawn.

I bet you’re going to say that I should listen to more ambient music outside the community… and I probably should. But I have listened to a lot of it here, and I have a pretty decent generalization on ambient music (I think xD)


I’d be interested to know your points of reference (some examples).

If Auxy producers are your point of reference, then I guarantee, you’ve not listened to as much as you think.


maybe I don’t have a huge understanding on ambient music, but this is just my opinion.

With all due respect, it’s probably best to avoid using words like “should” and “missing” then, when talking about how to make ambient music.


… probably.

Could you link me up to this History of Ambient Music thing? :sweat_smile:


also on the Youtubes.


That does have percussion :stuck_out_tongue:

It also proves my point that we’re listening to different portrayals of ambient music. The kind I hear has soft, calming chords with smooth percussion noises.

… kinda an electronic ambient. The kind I’m hearing rn has flutes and bongos. :thinking: