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GENRES: ___Overview___

Just made a chill track for the first time. :grin:

Here’s some tips I learned after listening to a bunch of other ambient songs:

  • Drums are important! You should use lots of percussion.
  • Bass is really important to give the track a good foundation. Soft bass, though.
  • Arpeggios fit really well.

And some instruments you should use:

  • Any melodic percussion
  • Any piano
  • June
  • Silk
  • Hour
  • Coin


Hey guys




If by drums you mean foley and fx, ya yeet


This track makes me cri evrytiem


I am really glad to see this genre represented.


I suggest not to use a lot of percussion. Unless by percussion you mean things outside of a standard drum kit.


In my opinion, percussion is one if the things that really spices up a kit. I think it’s a good idea to add some snaps or shakers for flavor. :slight_smile:


For an chill feel I use Coconut, Kiss or Dream.
Got some chill songs coming out soon too.


A few of my favourite ambient/techno labels.


This genre is rising at a steady pace tbh. I love it as well. Idk if it’ll replace Hip Hop as the dominant genre but it gains traction.


Hey all, 1st time poster, looking for a bit of ‘how to’ (if even possible) advice. Trying to stretch a sound past 8 bars and have it carry over to the next frame without the initial twang at the start of the new note. Have tried tweaking volumes duckers and h/p l/p without really obtaining what I want. Just one droned out note. Obvi I can do it elsewhere, just thought I’d ask if I was missing something in app. Any thoughts would help thanks!

Post your great Auxy feature idea here!

Interesting question. Surprised I haven’t seen it mentioned in the forum before.

I’m not sure which sound you’re trying to extend, but one possibility would be to layer (duplicate) the sound and have the layers restarting at different times. May or may not help. Only thing that came to mind.


What sound are you using? Some sounds can be tweaked to remove the initial attack


Sounds I have in mind of the top of my head June, Morning, Pug, Runner, Vapor, Dreamers, still would have the issue of things ending at 8 and rebeginning at 1, no? Tried MisterMaster’s idea, without deading things with h/p when the note starts, almost got the opposite effect.


I was wondering this the other day; is it possible to make an ambient track if the max length of a loop in Auxy is 8 bars? Maybe the team can look into an option to let the instrument “carry-on”, or remove the attack and continue on with the sustain in the next loop if the midi data is the same.

Post your great Auxy feature idea here!

I’ve achieved a “carry-on” effect by cleverly manipulating reverb and scenes. I often will cut a scene short and if I need to sustain something I will start the pattern immediately. I had to do this for my remake/rendition of BRODYQUEST in Auxy. It was literally the worst thing but it worked, somehow. It’s clunky and frustrating and inconvenient but possible. Just like 5/4 time :\


I just made a chill song:


Some of the best ambient ever made uses little or no drums/percussion.

Certainly, on the question of ‘drums/percussion vs no drums/percussion’, ‘ambient’ as a genre, is much closer to the ‘no drums’ side of things.

Obviously, ambient and chill are not exactly the same, but they’re not dissimilar. Good chill can use drums/percussion very sparingly; barely there.


Bass is really important to give the track a good foundation. Soft bass, though.

You can have epicness in ambient too, where more aggressive basses can fit perfectly.

It’s worth checking out the series of compilations ‘A Brief History of Ambient’ to hear a good spectrum of ambient (and some more rhythmic) music; from the floaty and light to the dark and aggressive.

I think I made a pretty decent example of how a more aggressive bass can work in ambient in a piece from a short while ago…
(Headphones advised.)

Fwiw, no drums and only a single percussion sound, iirc. :wink: