Genesis_Auxy [Project]

Btw AUXY 5 is literally AMAZING!!:grin:

Here my latest track:


It’s awesome

Dude… this sounds amazing! Mind if I could remix it, do like a collaboration or something like that? I’m not the greatest with music but I could add some stuff. I’ll let you decide. Also I could learn off this. I love looking at others tracks. It helps me make some better sounds.

Thanks :smile: You can remix it if you want
Btw I can’t do a collaboration these days

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It’s all good. Glad to hear from you! Not sure what I’ll put in, but if/when I do upload the remix I’ll be sure to get some cool new sounds and some of my secret stuff. Cant give away everything. :joy::+1:

Great track! Are you the same Genesis as this one?

Yup … I decided to make another account for some reason
( i made this account while I was using the first Auxy update)

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I’m a fan. When I first started using Auxy and Soundcloud you were the first producer I started following. I was very impressed with your music and skills. You should have way more followers in my opinion.

Thanks . I noticed you when I uploaded my first track. Someday I’ll create a new account and start creating music. Iam busy right now

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