Game Day - Asis_4591 ( Future Bass )

hi everyone! As u guys can see I’m not dead :sweat_smile: just a bit lazy! Today I will bring to everyone a futurebass track about the game … or meme (idk). Anyway, hope u guys have fun :space_invader:
The link is here :


Wow this is pretty great I have no idea how you did this on Auxy unless you just used it for the basics then moved it to a DAW. Either way cool Future Bass haven’t heard that genre in a minute.

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Well done, the Super Mario World part made me laugh my ass off.

My ONLY gripe… you gotta fix that artwork… the two different blues are KILLING ME. Either make the whole thing the inside blue, or the outside blue.

But obviously, has nothing to do with the track, which is pretty damn awesome.

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I’m only use Auxy :smile: all the mario sound is sample i downloaded from internet :space_invader:

Thanks a lot bro ! I will fix the artwork :sweat_smile: