Galaxy Fantasy (MM9 Galaxy Man stage) - (tornait remix)


here it is!
i’m back everyone. hope you enjoy the track.


Please leave comments. I appreciate it

( I just don’t want to be forgotten )


its great man! the bassline is AMAZING


The bassline is pretty much cut and paste from the original song, tbh.

…I just added a couple extra parts in the drops.


its still dope


This song is wild


…I’ll probably delete it. Nobody knows what’s going on, it seems. And for my first release of the year, this makes me feel quite terrible. Then again, having the first release of the year be a remix is asking for trouble…


I might as well delete it. I mean, it’s a remix. And plus… not many people know about Mega Man, so it’s pretty niche in my eyes.


Rip :((