Fuujiya - searching


I’m sorry it’s late rn lol but here sum kool aid jams :slight_smile:



Are these like a part 1 & part 2 type posting, or are they two separate tracks? Each track should have their own thread…

With that said, Journey has a good vibe you painted a good picture with your tags even if I don’t think they’re gonna help your song be very searchable or picked up by whatever algorithm secret sauce SoundCloud uses :confused: (yeah tags like To and IDK aren’t helping really lol).

Searching nice too, both of these have a good vibe. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Earthbound (Mother 2) on SNES but both of these tracks ooze that same style which is cool, loved the music in that game.

Anyway, good job! Separate posts for separate tracks :eyes:


Yeah my tags suck lol but ehh & thx I’m glad you enjoyed them I’ll check out that game as well


It’s one of my top five favorite games of all time. It’s very very good. You’ll probably wanna just grab an emulator and the ROM to be honest. I don’t condone theft but you’re gonna have a real hard time finding the game and a super nintendo lmao…

But yeah, the two tracks - :ok_hand: muy bien