Future bounce project

My drop was more future bounce, this is just standard house

I didnt change any of the leads yet to make it seem more off future house yet. Which part did i make it seem more future house instead of future bass?

Future bass? What I made originally was future bounce with high energy and more high end. What took the energy away was the lack of reverb in the leads and a weaker kick

Yeah I meant future bounce and I added reverb so here what I got


I added some more things towards the end as well lmk what you think


This song took a different approach than I expected

I fixed the transition in the first half of the track but the first drop is beyond repair and don’t even get me started on the second one

yeah it sounds good. I didnt mess with the first 2 drops that you made I only made the second drop in the second chorus. But it does sound better now, what else do you think is needed to fix the track?

one more thing to add you can barely hear the base in the very first drop, thus making the drop sound weak. I can add a subbass and send you back what I got. Also the vocals sound a little funny, idk if you plan on changing that or fixing it?


In the original, Puma was used to be the sub bass so I didn’t have to mix in a sub bass. The sub you have now base no ducker which can take away some of the power in the drop. I realize now that the mid low and high had a lowpass filter on them so that’s why the bass was lower in volume. Mid basses too high in volume can take away the effectiveness in the leads and drums.

Oh I see. Then yeah just tweak those things and send me what you do after

do we forget about this project??

Yeah basically

Dang why it’s gonna be good

Idk, I assigned you guys to do something.

I thought I did what was assigned

Remind me what I was supposed to do again