Future bounce project

First time in forever. I need help.


What exactly do you need help on?

The structure of a basic song except for the drop because that’s already existing

You mind if I help out?

Not at all. Just do something with it.

Just arranged it


Most of the loops I added are just placeholders I didn’t try to make them sound good :man_shrugging:

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Ah interesting take

Thats the point right? :joy:

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This gave me so much inspiration. Is it ok if I use your drums for a new song?

Sure bud

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is it to late to join this project?

nope, i dont think this has like a due date or anything

lol, is there anything that you would want to be added to it?


I added a different variations the the second best drop B


The leads seem a little dry

wow so dope !

yeah they are dry bc there isnt any reverb automation on the leads you already have, so im gonna add some reverb and I might change the leads maybe bc they arent that strong of leds.