Future Bounce Drop (WIP)

Need some help with this project, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


another future bounce comrade?

nice meeting you, comrade

Maybe turn it into a collab? Btw your thoughts?


For some reason the drums seems way too weak for the leads and the intro I’m guessing is hella empty

The clap pattern in the drop is way too complicated for this genre and it’s a pre shifted clap so I suggest switching to a Normal clap

The sweet saw thing is just a No no, or at least make it fit in with the rest of the instruments

There are numerous other problems but I’m too lazy to list them all rn

Not to dog on you tho. I’m just very picky with stuff

I know next to nothing about this genre lol, just decided to try and do something.

It’s alr lmao
As I said. I don’t mean to talk bad about you. But with time you’ll be “better”

lol, ok. :upside_down_face: