Future bounce Collab


Make the drums and you’ll be my savior

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Savior I shall

Cool https://app.auxy.co/projects/hVEqI8NXAp0T3SMRvXV_vQ==

benix style

@Assasinerd I noticed you have kind of a gritty EDM style.
You might like this.

https://app.auxy.co/projects/Htz1S3nC7L_YgsJdFJtqRA== It’s not stolen

The drums just aren’t hard enough brueh

Thanks, I will consider these

I used the drums from my pack that I linked earlier in your song.

Eek. I personally don’t think those type of drums fit this genre dude. Sorry

You’re so picky why don’t you make the drums and be your own savior

Because I want people to do it

Lol diy

Later, man

What the hell-