Future bounce collab?

Anyone up to making a future bounce collab? I’m bored

I’m bored as well

Yeah, why not — I’m not that well-versed in FB but I’ll follow your leads

Right because I’m obviously the skilled one here

I just make a fumky beat sometimes ok ;-;

Right so should I start then?

Sure (^з^)-☆


I got a basic bounce melody, I just need some chords tho

So I made a barebones thing — feel free to get rid of all the scenes and make what you will of it. Made one chord and sorta riffed on what I could do with it and transitions.

Okay, update: I added some Deadmau5-type chords

so i may have got a little carried away but the melody was so good i kinda couldn’t stop

We’re trying to make future bounce sir. Not old progressive house but I’ll do what I can

H*ck — should have followed your lead ._. Welp, I have an extra song there anyways. That’s fun. Guess we can call that a gene splice from the same seed. Choose any of the projects I sent and mess around with them to get them right ;-; thank you and sorry

Right. Don’t doubt yourself too much

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