Future bounce! Can it be done in Auxy?

Was just listening to some, and can’t figure out how to get it into Auxy. I know that the bouncy bass and massive sidechain is needed but how do you get that in Auxy?


@Shif7 used to make future bounce in auxy before auxy 5 came out, he isn’t very active anymore though


Sidechain with volume for bigger automations
get like a super long/ heavy sounding sample and use that as the trigger for the ducker, but just mute the sound. This way the ducker is being triggered, but no actual sound is happening. Then just throw whatever kick you were going to use on top, but not as a trigger


Oh sweet. Could you share a project to show what you mean? And also what key should I use, major or minor

Well hol up I take back what I said it doesn’t work (the second part). I tried using a hat as the trigger. The shortest sounding drum I had and the ducker lasted just as long.
I only thought it would work originally because someone told me during the feedback stream last week for a track of mine where I had the same problem.

But as for key, It depends on what kind of track/person you’re getting inspiration from. Some artists do major and some do minor.


Oh right. Nah that’s fine lol.

@Bastyon @El1011 Try adjusting the actual length value on the piano roll for the sample and doing what @El1011 said

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When you say future bounce…I think monte booker, and that’s impossible to pull off :joy::sleepy:


that’s definitely not future bounce lmao

i mean i could try it

I love to help you out with tht

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alright, send me some chords and a melody


I’m down for that lol

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dm me

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yeah it would be nice if ducker worked like a real sidechain compressor

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Does that work?

I dont believe that worked when i tried it either. Seems like Auxy’s ducker is only one length, which is nice because it’s easy to use, but once you start diving into complex sidechain stuff, it starts to be a problem

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yeah. made a post about it in the most wanted post a bit ago. didnt get a response from the devs (not that i expected one) and doesnt seem to be a feature coming with the update that’s being hyped up.

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Someone remind me how its diff to future bass then i will attempt it