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Just a little curious

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Shameless self promotion I know

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Careful now. People will report you as quick as they can.

Yeah I know

lol I wonder how many times I got report if I did @InfinityBeatz

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I rated 8 because I really liked it! It was very chill! But one option to be more appealing is to have a snare, it doesn’t have to be very hard hitting, but I feel having a drop with a thumpy kick and a snap doesn’t satisfy me. I get you wanted to keep the vibe but a clap with a tiny bit of sidechain (ducker) would sound legit. Song was amazing nonetheless. :+1: :smiley:

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Use less shape on the silk to make the wubs more defined.
Second verse is great.
Drums could transition in better tho.
Overall decent.
Rated 8.

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you’re treading thin ice, people love to point and screech at self-promoters. I’m not one of them tho, and I give it a 9 because of the awesome drops

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What sound did you use in the drop?

The disco bot will tell you. Ive been reported like three or four times


I’ve been reported…once.

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Bow, castle, and bumble.


It’s silk.

m8 it’s gr8 so I vote 10/8 str8 m80.

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You are literally a meme


:joy: im dead

that is not a bad thing

I rated 9 cuz it’s really nice and that would’ve taken me way too long to complete!

Can you please send a link of it in Auxy cuz i want to see how to make that sound. I cant make it myself

How did you make that drop?

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8/10 everything was amazing except for one thing. If you have can hear it, there is dissonance with the bass line and the lead in the drop. But keep ip the awesome work! :grin:

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