Future bass megacollab (megacollab again)


Yes. Again another megacollab but this time it’s something that everyone would really like :). It’s. F U T U R E B A S S because I feel like this genre is not very bad for me :slight_smile: and I started producing future bass (Yes my track “Dreams” :wink:) so anyone can join but sadly there’s a limit :disappointed:.Well let’s invite 7 people :wink: .



I’m down :+1:t2:


Alright :slight_smile:


I can help again this time, although to be fair I’m not the best at writing future bass xD


Future bass is my specialty. I’d like to sign up if I could.


I’m in


Alright. Sure thing.


@everyonewho’sinthemegacollab Who will start?


Are we gonna use discord to pass the project around or are we going to do it here on the disco?


Yoo if there’s still a spot left I’d love to join.


if there is still space can i join! :slight_smile:


I’ll join… Only if there is room :slight_smile:


Looks like we already have 7 people here. But don’t forget there’s always next time :wink:


@INDIR3CT @Jax @Jelmo @Mr_Mooo @TheRealJFalc @Jax @V-M - Guys! We need to do this on discord because I can’t send a message here with 7 people sadly…


Xlimator#7704 is my discord…


Me please!!!


I would But I’m too busy cracking my knuckles ready to kill this