From Shadow To Light [Album] -- Insomniac

Can someone do a review of my first album? Im really insecure about it because its longish and repetitive (songs are repetitive not album)

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I just had a very quick listen and the fact that the second track starts by using a sound that’s featured in the first track…

Yeah, that’s going to make things feel very ‘my first album’.

I’ll try to give it a proper listen later. Just wanted to get that quick comment in.

One option might be to rearrange the track order, so the similarities between neighbouring tracks aren’t so obvious.

Another (additional) option might be to take the best three or four tracks and have it as a stronger EP, rather than a ‘weaker’ album.

See the thing with that is I was trying to make a story progression so each songs position is set. I’ve been thinking of redoing the album with premium sounds and remixed so keep that in mind also

the album was supposed to be a musical reflection of Plato’s allegory of the Cave btw

Hi, I really enjoyed listening to your album. I like that it’s a concept album and it almost felt like a movie soundtrack. Somehow it reminded me of the Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk and also 808’s & Heartbreak by Kanye West. You should really consider getting more sounds and use them to replace the ones you use excessively. It will be worth it. You have great material to work with.
The only song I didn’t listen till the end was #4, I got bored with it halfway through. And maybe trim #6 a little bit. At 12 minutes it gets a bit repetitive, but I didn’t skip that one.
Overall, great job! I hope you keep working on it by polishing it up with other sounds.

@W7SEGUY that was my very first album and you should take a look at some of my newer stuff and tell me what you think…

Oh ok, I didn’t notice. But I will check out your other work.

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