Friday Night Funkin Mod

So most of you have probably heard of the game Friday Night Funkin.
It’s about this kid called Boyfriend, and he wants to impress Girlfriend, but he has to face lots of challenges along the way.
It’s actually pretty fun!

But most people like to mod the game and add their own content, which is what I am thinking about doing.

I have a vivid plot idea in my head:
So Boyfriend ends up in a church and the organ player is like ‘Get out! If you won’t, I’ll make you!’, and his piano/organ can like hypnotise people, but after the first song, the effect isn’t showing on Boyfriend. So on the second song, my mans starts to get pretty mad, and he plays the piano/organ a bit harder and more… vigorously.
And finally, once you beat the second song, the piano literally snaps in half from the organ player’s force and he is literally Thanos at this point.

So if any of you want to help me on this project, reply to this thread! It’ll be fun to make like a team of devs to work on this (musicwise)!

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lmao why did u post this here just got to Reddit or something they prob have a discord

u know i really dont know
just thought the music could be made in auxy and such

I don’t think is auxy dudes can really do anything other than the music
Most of us are like in our teen years

That’s fair, I was mainly talking about music-making help in this thread though, although it isn’t really obvious

I can help with it, but do we make Boyfriend’s voice?

How come you respond here but not discord?

Have you got Discord? I don’t want this topic to be full of messages