FreeStyle - Thattt_DJ_Thomasss “Don’t fight the feeling, just let it flow” -Wiz Khalifa. That’s right, when I made this song, I didn’t care how it sounded, I just wanted to enjoy myself and just put stuff together to hopefully get fans. Feel free to use this in a song, just make sure to give me credit.

Nice job on the chords, the bass is pretty neato too.

Just an FYI, if you are going to post a whole bunch of tracks here on the disco, try not to spam 8-9 threads at once, possibly make one big thread and put all the links there so that.

  1. Everyone can access them easier
  2. The moderators wont get upset over a whole bunch of cluttered posts

Other than that, good job on these tracks, possibly try expanding over to soundcloud as well, not just youtube. Just an idea. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, These songs are on SoundCloud, My SoundCloud is

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Awesome! Haven’t seen a soundcloud link around, only been seeing you post youtube links. Thanks for sharing.

Honestly, I had no idea you could make SoundCloud links until someone Suggested I do so, that’s what I might do from now on.

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Nooooooo. Please don’t do this…

One thread per track. Maybe best to spread releases out?


Ok, got it, I’m gonna spread them out from now on, I made those tracks awhile ago, I just wanted to get all my previous tracks out first and then start making new ones.

Oh shoot nvm, don’t post in one thread :joy: