Free Time - By darwinmcd

Just getting back in to programming music (after a long hiatus) thanks to Auxy. Please let me know what you think.


Solid! There’s some real good piano work :slight_smile:

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A stripped down version of the track I posted a few days ago.

Liked and reposted. :+1:

As I commented on the track on SC, it feels like it wants to be a vocal Electro-Pop track. Any plans in that direction?

(I’m personally glad to see some new [Auxy] faces writing stuff like this.)

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One side note…

Many here might recommend against including the public link to the Auxy project file on your SC track description, due to some instances of plagiarism/copyright infringement that have occurred.

It’s great that you’re allowing others to remix it, but it might be worth telling people they can remix it, but ask that they PM you for the link.

Just a thought.


A stripped down version…

Also listened, liked and reposted. Good stuff. :+1:

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Thank you so much! I personally don’t do vocals, but if anyone wanted to throw some on there, I’d be down for that and see where it goes. I’m just getting started with Auxy, but I’ve been having a lot of fun composing with it and I’ve been blown away hearing what so many others have been able to produce with the app. It’s very inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to listen and feedback!

Ah…good point. As I mentioned above…I’m an Auxy noob, so I really appreciate the advice. :wink:

Awesome!! Thank you!