Frazzle by Devoid of Joy
First time using 200 bpm’s.


WOW! That’s the heaviest hard-core track I’ve heard from Auxy!!!

Huh, it was a bit softer (I thought anyways) then some of my other stuff. But I’ll take it has a compliment :slight_smile:
If it’s not heavy then it’s not me.
Thanks for the listen!

Your songs seem to have this interesting soundtrack quality to them.

Yeah, truth be told I’m gearing up to make some very strange animations to go with them. The intent wasn’t to go for the B-movie soundtrack sound but it’s about visuals for me. Hell I don’t even watch tv that often, but it’s there I guess. Thanks for taking a gander :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure I’m using auxy very differently than most folks here.

I feel that. I don’t listen to a lot of that genres that many of these users do either. I first go interested in music through post-hardcore. If you want some influences in electronica, you might wanna check out Grimes’ older stuff, Aphex Twin, and Clark. They do a lot of cool stuff.

I feel ya, I used to listen to a lot of Richard D. James’ and the Venetian Snares. Grindcore and cybergrind are the big genres I listed to most of my life, but a few years back I discovered power electronics and death industrial, I’ve been smitten with it ever since guy like ‘brighter death now’, propergol, alberich, and the like. It’s the roughest electronics and noise around, heavier than any metal and more misanthropic than any shock bands around. I do play analog synths as well but still working the kinks out. Auxy is where I experiment quickly to just get the noise out my head quickly.