Forum Rules - Version 2


Some basic rules to keep this place awesome:

  1. Be nice! If someone isn’t nice, click the flag icon under the post and we’ll look into it.

  2. Post in the correct forum category:

#tracks is for posting tracks and requesting collaborations.
#contests is for musical challenges, which you’re welcome to arrange or enter.
#production is for discussions about music production with Auxy.
#feedback is for Auxy support and/or feedback.
#announcements is for offical Auxy announcements.
#site-feedback is for feedback on this Auxy forum.
#general is for all other general discussions.
#how-to is for offical explanations of Auxy features.

  1. When posting a track, follow the track posting guidelines or click here.

  2. When you create a new topic, please check whether a similar topic exists to avoid duplicates.
    Before you can create a new topic you have to reach a certain “trust level”, which happens over time when you engage with other posts.

  3. Feel free to introduce yourself to other forum members here.

  4. You can add your Soundcloud URL, so it appears when someone clicks your profile picture:

     1. Click your avatar in the top right corner.
     2. Click settings icon 
     3. Choose: "Profile"
     4. Add your SoundCloud profile URL under "Web Site". 
  1. If you want training on how to use this forum, two interactive tutorials are available:
  1. Click your profile picture (top right)
  2. Click messages (envelope icon)
  3. Click Blue button: “New Message”
  4. Send a message to @discobot with this body text: @discobot start new user
    OR, for the advanced tutorial: @discobot start advanced user

To discover what else discobot can do, send a message to @discobot with this body text: @discobot display help.

  1. No advertising / sales posts.

We look forward to hearing your Auxy music!


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