Forum Member of the Week - Who wants to be involved?

To reward those who are providing feedback each week, let’s modify the selection process slightly.

I use a random number generator to choose which forum member is featured next.

From now on, if the chosen person hasn’t been providing any feedback for other featured members then I’ll put their name back in the pool and will choose another random number until someone that’s actively supportive is chosen. Seems like the fairest approach.


Great Idea :slight_smile:
Also I better start giving more feedback to peoples :stuck_out_tongue:


If you do that just throw me at the back of the pool anyways. I’m participating to discover my fellow auxyans — and having
my name there is more encouragement for me to keep going rather than to be featured.

Plus I think after I’m featured, my schedule would incline me to give up. This way I can keep going.

I am literally shorter then all my friends so im not offended :smile:

Same with me xD

Oh.I think I’m not here tho…

Well that’s ok…

Wait how do you add your name…?

At the top. Do you have global edit allowed in ur account? You might not

If only the instructions were in the opening post…


Oh sorry :joy:

did i do it right ???

Yep. You’ll be part of the random selection each week.

And if you’ve been providing feedback for others when your name’s chosen, then you’ll get featured for a week :slight_smile:

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May i participate?

Yep. Anyone can participate.

Add your name in the top post.

If you can’t see the EDIT button on the top post, reply here listing your details and ask someone to add you.

I just hit flag and called it spam is that good? I don’t know what im doing

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I got you, just post your SoundCloud link here

Looks like someone already added you

Aw sweet. Hey thank you for being you
Btw I love your tracks

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Thank you much, dude!

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