Forum Member of the Week - 31: FLB100

Featured Auxy Artist #31: @FLB100

FLB100 is an Australian producer :australia:. He introduces himself like this:


He’s used the letters “FLB” in his name for 7+ years.

He plays some piano and trombone. Apparently, he can make weird bird sounds too. :bird: Perhaps that will be an upcoming Auxy sample in one of his tracks?

Favourite artists include Vexento and Shovels and Rope.

FLB100 started the ‘Aussie collab’ idea in the forum recently, which spawned collabs in other areas this month, so thanks for that.

Chew on some FLB100 Music this week.

Week starting: 30 July, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one track (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about their music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want to be featured, remember to comment for others!

Tracks: :soundcloud:

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Congrats @FLB100

I’ll never forget that rap battle we did a while back :wink:

I’ve been working with you on the Aussie collab and you’ve provided some pretty cool ideas!

I think your first track that I heard from you was Raise Yer Cutlass!, I dont know why I didn’t like it when I first listened to your stuff a couple months ago. Looking back, it’s a good ol bop, nice chords!

Same goes with Order! Love the chords you’ve used. I’d totally see this in a game soundtrack. Seems that I’m the only one who liked it though. People be missin out

I may provide more feedback when i get back home, maybe slap slap in some constructive criticism as well


I’d never forget your fire bars! :fire::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@MisterMaster, did you download the wrong image for my logo?

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It’s from your Soundcloud banner, so I assume it’s how you choose to present yourself. LOL.

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Congrats @FLB100 !

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Will give feedback soon, but congrats!

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  • And We Said Our Farewells
    Emotions running through my ears into my head, and straight into my heart! Great track! Loved this the moment it came out, and I still listen to it almost every day! Would say that maybe would make Kiss ‘s tone run down a bit near the end of its loop, but that’s all I could find!
  • Stop Drop Piano Roll
    Another great track from you! I can always find some type of emotion in it! I honestly don’t mind the fact that it’s 7 minutes long! The way the track was structured is very amazing! I love the individual drops! I will say that maybe a bit more bass was needed for the drops! Other than that, I couldn’t find anything to improve on that track!
  • Time And Memories
    Now, I may be an emotional guy, but I legitimately cried near the end of this track! Also, near the beginning, not even one minute in, and I already felt so many emotions pouring through the tiny earbud and into my ear canal! The way the guitar starts with the violins is just amazing! The only thing that kept popping in my head was how much emotional this song was getting me! Great track!

Keep up the good work! Will provide more feedback later!

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  • Dectective
    Love the way it started out! Made me nostalgic for a bit, but then came the build up…and then the drop. The drop, imo, could have used a bit more bass! But, overall great track!
  • Galactic City
    Love how spoopy the track sounds! Will say, on the drop, imo, maybe structure the bass in a way where the bass isn’t so sudden and short! Either way, the track was good. I actually found myself head bopping to it! :joy:

Congrats @FLB100!!! Keep up the awesomeness!

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So much Feedback! Thanks!

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Congrats ! i like Time and Memories :slight_smile:

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I’m a big fan of Galactic City as well, caught my attention. Love the melodic percussion you have in some of your tracks too. You have a good range between pretty, and epic synthy vibes.

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I really like the synth layers that you use and your chords :smile::+1:

However I would use more bass in your songs, especially the drops

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Lions is a really great drop
But I would use an 808 bass in the background to make it punchier and thicker

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There hasn’t been feedback from many people this week, so we’ll keep this open a wee bit longer.

Thanks to those who have responded above.

Come on team, let’s show support for FLB100 and leave feedback!

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I really enjoyed listening to your tracks, I’ll give a little feedback

Time and Memories:
Those piano chords are very nice. Two things I would suggest is changing the drums a little bit (the kick especially) and trying to mix a little better (there are tons of tutorials on YouTube). Overall, though, a very nice track to listen to. Good job!

Nice chords. Overall a very solid track! It does get a little repetitive though.

Stop, Drop, Piano Roll:
How does this only have 13 plays again! Fantastic track, I think you did a very good job. Again though, mixing, you should try to learn that if you’re trying to get serious, it really is a necessity in order to make your songs pleasant to listen to.

This is a solid track. Not much else to say. Great use of the Game Waves pack!

Overall, I can really see your improvement and I had a good time listening to your music.

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Love the drop on Stop, Drop, Piano Roll


Stop, Drop, Piano Roll doesn’t cease to draw emotion! love it… and your caves remix is great! I love the bass

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