Forum Member of the Week - 29 - Goxenar

Really good stuff man! My personal favorite has to be Funkin!


Working with Austin was awesome, our tastes in music put together, that was great to work on.

I’ll be sure to work on more lyrics!

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Thank you! Funkin is one of my personal favorites!


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Congratulations! Do or die is my favorite

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Thank you! I usually don’t make riddim, but when I used weld, that’s all I thought of.

ok so heres my feedback here (left some on sc too):

  • So I like the approach you took with “The Reason I Breathe”, im personally not religious but im happy to see that members of this community can share their beliefs without backlash. Keep on mixing and don’t let anyone mess with you because of beliefs #offtopicsorry

  • “Do or Die!” is amazing especially with the false end and the vocal samples, i don’t usually like stuff that heavy and hard but i make exceptions


  • “Funkin’” is my jam and currently one of my favorite Auxy songs, one piece of criticism though, in the song you took a triplet theme but in the middle build you used drums in sequences aligned with 1/16 rather than 1/12 along with the triplets already happening I the chords. other than that I think it would be cool with a triplet drum build, i really enjoy it!

i hope to be hearing more great things from you soon!

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Topic timer has been triggered.

There’s still time to provide some love for Goxenar!

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love your stuff dude! congrats on FMOTW!

your style is so dope, and the first time I heard u was when u did the Beat the Clock #24. Been listening ever since and u always impress. I think Voices is my favorite of yours, but i cant be sure cuz Funkin is also awesome.

Love your style, love your ideas, love your stuff

keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the detailed feedback! I’m happy you enjoyed those tracks!

That means a lot thank you. I love creating songs, knowing other people truly enjoy my songs is a great feeling.

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Since the topic closes quite soon, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone in whom has chosen to provide feedback, and support my music. Every inch of support is truly appreciated.
I’ll be sure to take all of the feedback given to better my music. I’m excited to continue producing music to such a supportive audience.

If there are any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to DM me or tag me. Thank you all for taking the time to support me.

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Thank you so much. That truly means a lot!

Fun fact: When I submitted my entry for BTC #24 I felt quite discouraged from being chosen because most of the music produced through Auxy back then was Future Bass or “Chill” vibes. I chose to be myself and simply post it regardless of the outcome. I was super happy to know it was enough to be chosen within the BTC #24 “winners.”


wait a minute… hmmm i see…

ok… i have no clue what you mean by that… please explain…

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nvm lmao

I’m a big fan of your style man, it’s really impressive and one of the most unique styles in this community. I can’t imagine how much effort you put into your music, it seems really complex. All of your tracks are full of energy, just the way I like it; especially those bass heavy electro tracks are lit. I think Lightning Round and Funkin’ are my favorite tracks of yours, but everything else is really good too. Judging from your upload schedule it’s definitely quality over quantity for you, which is awesome. This pays off in the sense that I can’t really point out something for you to improve on. Please keep on making this awesome kind of music :slight_smile: Keep it up man!
Btw, it’s awesome that you sing as well.

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@Goxenar, thanks for your help with my “dubstep” track, and I really enjoyed your track, “The Reason I Breathe”! Really awesome wubs, and both drops were amazing! Nice singing as well! I will say, maybe adding in a little tone difference over the main lyrical channel, could have made the singing sound a bit more epic. Overall though, great job! I wish you the best in your future music career!

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dude it was so damn good - its tied for my favorite BTC of all time - @MR_ANDERSON’s Reverence is up there with it

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