Forum Member of the Week - 29 - Goxenar


Featured Auxy Artist #29: @Goxenar

Goxenar is based in TEXAS, where he writes music, raps, beatboxes and sometimes sings. When I started writing this introduction, I wanted to provide a link to his collab with Hayvn, which he rapped on, as I remember enjoying it and being surprised there’s not more of his rapping released, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be posted anymore.

The GOX’s recent music is tagged as dubstep, brostep, trapstep, trap, EDM, electronic and dance. In 2017, he released the G.O.X.Y. EP, with his Innovations of art album following in 2018.

“I’m a major perfectionist, until in my SOUL it’s perfected, I will NOT officially finish it. :skull: :skull: :joy: :joy:

Latest collaborators include Hayvn, Andrew Adams & Austin Haga, plus a few remixes.

Check out his music! and leave some feedback here.

Week starting: 16 July, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of his tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about his music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want to be featured, remember to comment for others.


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I’m gonna enjoy this!
Also congrats :joy:


Congrats, Goxenar! Had a blast collaborating with you, I’m a big fan of your music :ok_hand:t3:

@MisterMaster btw, @stereofield runs the Frontier label, not Goxenar… :grimacing::sweat_smile:


Also, it’s “Hayvn” not “Haven” @MisterMaster xD

Will give feedback later as I work today x3


Love your music! Here’s some feedback on my favorites:

Do Or Die (x @Andrew_Adams) - Love the energy right from the start. It’s super packed with intensity and fun. Love the bass, love the drums, love everything really. The ending is especially cool; I like the robot voice stuff and then “and now for some variation” part too, cool timing changes

Lightning (x @aUstin_Haga) - The sub bass in the beginning gets me every time, love the growls and risers, it really is a masterpiece. The drop, again the bass is amazing, as are the snare fill things. I love how the chords come in later, great transitioning. Snare timing is cool and so is the break before the next drop :wink:


Thank you @MisterMaster it’s truly an honor to have been randomly chosen as “Forum Member of the Week.” Thank you for taking the time to make this thread and for gathering all of the information within it.

As for the people who will go through with commenting, liking or listening to my music I want to thank all of you in advance.

As for those in whom have already commented, liked or listened to my music. I want to thank you, all. Waking up in the morning to seeing all of the support from you all truly sparked excitement in me. Thank you again! @Hum4n01d @anon73773654 @TheRealJFalc @Mr_Mooo


Congrats, mate. I know the posting thing is random, but, hope you enjoy your time in the spotlight.


I appreciate that. Thank you!

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I’ll leave some comments later…

I especially like your song released with frontier (I think it’s called voices)


Yes, voices. And thank you!

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@MisterMaster should @Goxenar not get the little star next to his name now as he is Forum Member of The Week? :wink:



Oh man, I’ve had a busy week and made a few mistakes!! Fixed now.

The man needs a star.


Man can I imagine the week you must’ve had… what with 18 kids and all! :stuck_out_tongue:


The man’s got a star now! :skull::joy: Thanks


Congrats @Goxenar :open_mouth: If I can think of anybody who deserves FMOTW, you’re definitely one of them! Can’t wait for more music :grinning:

Favorite tracks: (obviously :stuck_out_tongue:)


Congratulations, we should work on something

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I don’t comment on these really, but, your stuff is great. You are a bit of a jack of all trades, but you excel at each thing you’ve tried, in my eyes ears.

I’d like to hear more stuff with vocals (like I should talk) - I think you’ve also got a good voice and should be utilizing it where possible.

The growl skills are impressive, you, Cornea and Xiejra are my top three dub/brostep producers here if I had to pick. Not sure how you guys do this stuff with what’s built in to Auxy, it’s impressive.

Anyway, enough outta me :slight_smile: just wanted to drop a quick note


Thank you!

I’m happy you enjoyed those songs! I enjoyed them as well!

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I appreciate you taking the time to drop by and comment, it means a lot.

I’ll try to use more vocals, for sure.

I love creating growls! I’m glad you enjoy them!

Your sounds got me in a dancing mood. Maybe cause I was already standing and trying to stay awake to clean for a rental inspection. Really great stuff! Your work with @aUstin_Haga is exceptional, and you should keep working at producing lyrics!