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Featured Auxy Artist #28: @crystldawnmusic

CrystlDawn is an American artist who digs Electronic Chill & Chill Trap and plays piano. He released his Moments EP in 2017 and the Nebula Album in 2018. And a couple of days ago, he dropped a brand new track, named Mist. Check it out.

C.D. wrote an awesome Dream House Track for the Auxy House Challenge, with his chilled-out, dreamy track Breeze. And later ran a remix competition for the track, which @Aviomusic won.

Here’s some feedback about his music, from Soundcloud:

“Love this”
“Super chill!”
“pretty melodies”
“I could listen to this all day!”
“really nice change of drums…”
“great production m8”
“that lead sound is so good <3”
“this is sweet”

CrystlDawn enjoys listening to Adam Hinden, ODESZA, Petit Biscuit & Mount Dreams. And provides feedback for plenty of forum member’s music. So let’s listen to his music and leave feedback.

:crystldawn: :crystldawn: :crystldawn:

Week starting: 9 Jul 2018, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of his tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about his music during the week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want to be featured, remember to comment for others!

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Honestly one of the most unique artists there are in the community–I’m really glad to see you in the spotlight man. You really consistently nail the chill vibe in your tracks and you don’t find the kind of techniques you use in almost any other artist. Maybe @anon73773654 :wink:.

Nice job again.



My god, where do I start? Spotify, SC? He’s everywhere.

Congrats @crystldawnmusic :smiley:

It’s pretty cool to see how far you’ve gone since almost a year ago. Pleeeease make another album :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite tracks:


Sha boi yung krystl

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@crystldawnmusic, you made me realize in one of my forum posts that I needed to focus more on my music and less on my logo, and for that, I thank you! I’ll listen later in the week, as I will be busy later today and tomorrow.
Congrats on FMOTW, btw. Can’t wait to hear your chill music!


This is really exciting for me! Thanks @MisterMaster, this was a pleasant surprise!

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you’ve been getting better and better over the past year… i’m glad i heard your music because it’s amazing @crystldawnmusic

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congrats crystldawn!! i’ve always been inspired by your awesome chill music. I’ll try and leave you some feedback this week :slight_smile:

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I’m going to be at Overnight camp all week so I won’t be able to give feedback.

I will dm you some once my camp is over…
From what I’ve heard I really love your songs, and am inspired by super chill music.

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Congrats C.D!! I’m really liking your new songs at the moment!! Keep up th good work.

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@crystldawnmusic, your music is really great! I especially love “Sunlight”! I’ve never felt so relaxed in my entire life! Nice job with the chill vibe/feel from the track overall!! “Mist” was another one of my favorites! I was so relaxed hearing this track that I ACTUALLY FELL ASLEEP!! That NEVER happens to me! Great job! Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait to hear more relaxing, chill music from you!



Love your music! My favorites of yours are adventure and looking back. Really love how you have super chill ambient pieces with great atmosphere. They’re super simplistic and pretty. Congrats!


Melodic percussion seems to be your signature/essential. Nice and chill. Not really my style of music but I appreciate what your doing.

I love the way you use your guitars in songs. Very chill, and the drums in surf are perfect although I would of liked to see some snare fills or atleast some more variety in drums.

You nail the uniqueness in your music and your quite easy to recognise I guess.

I havnt been able to see you grow as I was never really a fan.

The chords in breeze are great. And so were the drums but I’d still like to see more variety I guess. Breeze had to be my favourite out of what I heard.

Keep doing what your doing man, your going places, if music is your passion keep with it! It takes years to perfect everything and you become better each day with practice, don’t ever leave music man! I’m excited to see how you turn out once you have more experience!


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Dude, been listening to your tracks for awhile now, was super amazing when Spotify added you to my weekly discovery playlist one week and I was like not paying attention and was like this sounds like an Auxy track, naw it’s Spotify…so I looked and was like F ing right. I love how supportive you are on disco too man, you always have such inspiring things to input to the community.

This isn’t even giving you mention to your music which is always a go to when I’m winding down as the melodic chill melodies are a great thing to have stuck in my head as I lay down to fall into dreamy sublime thoughts as how one day I might produce as good of tracks as come out of your various music profile. So happy to see you spotlighted in the member of the week

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It’s been a day and you’ve already gotten more feedback than me. Lol

Wow, thanks so much!

To be honest, I’ll never be FMOTW, so I try to encourage everyone else who is actually chosen for it!!
That said, @crystldawnmusic, I still haven’t listened to “Mist” completely yet! I keep falling asleep because of how chill and relaxing it is! :joy:

It’s a random draw…

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