Forum Member of the Week - 27 - Hexx.Auxy

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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WOW! That means a lot from the Trap God himself!

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Yeah, my style varies. I focus on trap, but I can make most genres. I have trouble with Witch House, and Synthwave for sure. Future Bass, and Trap are probably my strong points, but since everyone is doing Future Bass, I wouldn’t stand out as much. I love standing out tbh


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I’ve figured out my goal as in artist. I want people to hear my music and say, That’s for sure a Hexx song. I want to be that guy that makes music like noone else

Go for it man!! ^-^ shouldn’t be too hard considering your skill set.

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Yay @anon86704580

Feelings- Your song “Feelings” has great chords! I love the cool peacefulness of it. WOAH THAT DROP came out of nowhere! I love the bass! Very nice automations with the bass. You would be good at trapstep. I love the percussion in this. Very cool buildup. Amazing trap drop. I love this one

Broken Time- amazing intro and build up. DANG I love this drop!! (Teach me sensei). The chords are pretty cool. Oh dang! I love that second drop! I love the brass. Only thing is that the punch bass was too low pitched. Otherwise!, awesome job. Oh wow! I love that recovery.! Very nice samples picked for this. Probably my favorite. Good job to @Cornea as well

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Yeah, @Cornea put mad work in that song

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Every song I’ve heard with hexx’s voice was hecky good - aUstin aka Mr ohch™ :austin:


You already know boi

Congrats! Can’t wait to listen and drop some feedback.

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@anon86704580 despite everyone else I like the pitch bend in Truth Be Told
I actually did something similar in my song Projections if you remember

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I do too, tbh

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Your track, “Lost The Crown” made me feel sad but at the same time hopeful, for some reason, lol. I love the chords, but the voice could have used some reverb, or something similar.

Versatility: 10/10
Creativity: 9/10
Predictability: 6/10
Use of Instruments/Automation: 8/10
Feeling: 9/10

Overall: 42/50 Great job



Wow! Cool rating system! XD

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Gratz my dood! Heres some F E E D B A C K

Drop It Hard:

  • I see what you mean by repetitive

  • Nice bass, did you use a bass for the melody as well?

  • Pretty S L I C C samples

Diss track 1:

  • O O F

  • nice melody, would be better with mallots though.

Diss track 2:

  • N I C E M A L L O T S O O H Y E A H

  • I heard “FLB” in there

  • mmmthesingingthough

Diss track 3:

  • Advice from my rap battle with @DHO
  • its FLB ONE hundred

  • I still like the melody.


  • I like the tribal feel of the drums at the beginning

  • I feel like there should be… more, like a bigger build up or an outro more than just a fade out, make it longer, y’know?

As a said, congrats! I’m really liking the stuff you bring to the community. Keep it up! :grin:

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Austin x Hexx :smiling_imp:

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Time for me to leave some feedback. :slight_smile:

Feelings: Piano chords are good, that seems to be a theme with your music. Intro drums play on a unique rhythm too. I like how the sweeper blends with the chords.

Truth be Told: Again, piano chords are amazing! I like the drums at the beginning, maybe the snare could be quieter. The pitch bend is well done and doesn’t seem too…bendy. The chords are still there. In the drop, the hi hats could come in a bit sooner, to keep the listener’s interest.

Congratulations on FMOTW!


congrats on fmotw!

you have some really good stuff, id say Feelings is my favorite of yours - great chords, amazing drop

diss tracks - u da best

Love ur new track rating system, super nice of u to do! keep up the good work!

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