Forum Member of the Week - 27 - Hexx.Auxy

Featured Auxy Artist #27: @anon86704580

Hexx is from Louisiana, U.S.A. He considers himself to be a “Trap guy” and likes using the word “Boi”. He’s been participating in the Auxy Forum Tournament.

“My trademark is being repetitive. Something most people try to avoid, which makes it easier for me. It gets in people’s heads easier and sticks there like a magnet” (Feb 2018)

Hexx does vocals, including singing and rapping. And that includes releasing Diss Tracks (Parts 1,2 & 3). Basically, he invites forum members to be be insulted and lays down a rap diss track. The third diss track was released recently and is here.

Hexx regularly leaves feedback about other forum members tracks and has started rating tracks based on his own rating criteria, which include uniqueness, predictability, complexity, use of Instruments / Automation / Samples & feeling.

Check out his tracks here: :soundcloud:

Week starting: 2 July, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of his tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about their music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want to be featured, remember to comment for others!

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It’s ya boi.

But, shouldn’t the title be just “Hexx”?

Also, a notable achievement is obtaining a legendary auxy repost but having it revoked around an hour later


I don’t think I’ll have time to give feedback to you, so I’ll try to DM you on the disco, or even discord. Congratulations!

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Arimyth - Diss Feedback track part 1

As far as making music, man you’ve got a knack

You be tossin tips at folks like you’re a quarter back

You know that I be rappin on a sick beat

All these haters gonna lift you up, come and fill your cup

Auxy comin at you and they askin you whats up

This is a feedback thread part two.
New feedback coming at you soon.
This is a feedback thread part two.
New feedback coming at you soon.

Ari comin at you when he bombin ya

Your heavy themed tracks are liked by all of ya

And in the near future you make some collabs

Hope to see you use some fancy chord stabs

You’re gonna die off you’ll be history mate

Just kidding you’ll be on top charts in 3038

Good job on your music man. I’ve started ditching my clock and just judging 24 hour periods by when you release a new track :stuck_out_tongue:



Also, just to clear it up, I lost the Auxy Tournament first round. Lol

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Ayyyyyyyyy!!! You’re collab with @Cornea was the BOMB!

Keep up the awesomeness!


Thanks man!

Stop trying, you know I’m a better rapper than you. Smh

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I’m sure it was just an accident. Not stressing

You always give feedback to everyone on their tracks. Love the diss tracks bro!!

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Bruh, everyone loves my diss tracks. P sure that’s how like half the people here know me



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Eyy, it’s Hexx, my boi.

Keep it up mate.

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Congrats boi.

im binging on your tracks and im digging the vibe and how it flows from your catalog. great singing on lost the crown ! keep it up !

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Your collab with @AnirudhKhanna was AMAZING!

Will leave more feedback soon!


Sha boi

Thanks man! I still need those singing lessons

Thanks my dude!

Great friend, great producer, Great Rapper/singer, Great person to work on songs with (Abyssal was one of my favorite songs made with another artist, and I can’t wait to hear what the finished product of Collective sounds like) Your tracks might be simple but some people will definitely prefer that type of trap over, say my type of trap lol. It gives a more mainstream feel and that can definitely be a plus. Also you aren’t afraid to venture into other sounds when collaborating. It brings diversity, and flexibility. Which is something every Producer should strive for. Even I have areas that I’m trying to learn to back up that exact point, but honestly you do it flawlessly.