Forum Member of the Week - 25 - Mr_Mooo

Featured Auxy Artist #25: @Mr_Mooo


Hay there,

Sam is a 13-year old artist from down-under in New Zealand. His twin is the same age. He previously called himself TriY, Captain Cow and MooMusic, before settling on Mr_Mooo (with exactly three O’s). The image below is a totally real cow, posing casually in New Zealand.

In 2017, Mr_Mooo won a Unicorn for being voted the Auxy Forum’s 4th Most Supportive Forum Member of the year. No bull! He recently celebrated 5000 plays and is beefing up his tracks so they might be re-posted by Auxy and widely herd. The steaks are high, but he would be over the moon. And would milk it for ages.

Check out his moosic here: :soundcloud:

Week starting: 18 June, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of his tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about his music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want to be featured, remember to comment for others!

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:mrmooo: :mrmooo: :mrmooo: :mrmooo: :mrmooo:


Took you quite some time to finally show up here man. You’re seriously amazing and I’ll be checking out your tracks soon (given that work doesn’t decide to have me swamped again)



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The dad jokes are strong in this one. ehem MisterMaster :stuck_out_tongue: Nevertheless, while I haven’t heard many of your tracks yet, I’m constantly seeing you around the forum giving a helpful comment or some supportive feedback to someone. A forum member of the week isn’t complete until @Mr_Mooo writes his 3 page essay of detailed (and rather enthusiastic) feedback about seemingly every track ever posted by that user.

I’m definitely going to check out some of your stuff, but for being one of the younger users here, the reputation you’ve made for yourself and the 5000 plays is really quite something especially for someone of your age. I can only imagine what you’ll be like after you continue to “beef up” your tracks more and increase your professional demeanor and image.

So keep up what you’re doing and I’ll try to give a couple of your tracks a listen in the near future.

Now… I’d better get a mooove on. :cow2:


Congrats!! :cow2:

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I’m a Dad, so technically all of my jokes are Dad jokes. :grin:

Also, I’m based in New Zealand, with Mr Mooo, so we’re experts on stupid cow puns.


Ayy! Finally! Good job man, I’ll drop some feed back soon.

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Congrats on being the forum member of the week! @Mr_Mooo
You really deserved it, and now you finally showed up on here :slight_smile:
Will take another listen to all your great music :smiley:

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Contrary to some of these people, I have heard a lot of your songs, and let’s just say, I’m listening to Gemini as I type this. In other words, I love your music. You are so talented my man. I’m glad to see yet another friendly face as FMOTW
And as always, Keep making music, dairy after dairy. I’m not sorry

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@Mr_Mooo, first off, I actually took inspiration from you to make one of my best songs so far (not THE best, but one of them), Ruthless. Your music style is very diverse, and that’s an understatement tbh. Also, being supportive does a lot of good for the Auxy community and also other communities as well! I hope you keep on making music and being supportive of all others! Happy for you! :smiley:

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The one and only! Mr Mooo!

Congrats on FMOTW!

First off, let me reiterate that you are one of the most supportive members in the Auxy community that I’ve seen! You’re really kind as well and as @Arimyth stated, your work is never done until you’ve got that giant essay of feedback on other people’s FMOTWs.

Next, onto your tracks,
Took a bit of a listen to all of them just before so without further adieu:

Movement - Ah yes, the second Auxy track that I’ve ever remixed. I had fun remixing this, at the time, but nonetheless, really big improvement compared to your music then and your music now!

Flying out of Orbit - Really cool chords with this one! Love the subtle use of igloo throughout the track.

Transitoning 2017 - I love this collab so much! Sad I didn’t find it earlier. The piano is really powerful in this track, and the way it changes in movement midway through is awesome!

Heart and Soul - This honestly brings back memories of my childhood and the fact that this was the first song I learnt how to play on piano :joy: I love it!

Dirty - I love how gritty this track is! The bass is strong with this one, and tonsil makes it even better.

Tides - Again, I love the piano in this track! As well as June and Tonsil. The drums play a big part in the majority of the drop, which I really liked! Cus ya know, ya boi Matik gotta love them drum fills and toms

Sing For You - D R U M F I L L S ! ! I loved this track, and the vocal samples are almost on point! Sounds a bit off the note at some parts, but other than that it’s a really good track!

Gemini - This is amazing! I love the melodic percussion throughout the song. And the drop is supa sick, good job!!

Golden Waves - Really interesting submission for the Auxy Tournament, kinda reminded me of Ocean View by ToxicCaves at the start. Overall, it’s a super energetic track! !

I’m super excited to see where your gonna end up in the future in terms of music, and how much your going to improve in those years to come :smiley:

Again, congrats!!

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Huge congrats, bro!

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Let’s gooo my dude! Do I have to listen to his songs as I have already listened to all his songs a million times over?

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Congrats bro!! You finally did it! I have to say, collaborating with you was so fun, I want to do it again! Lol. Your tracks, “Gemini”, “Glitch”, and “Sing For You” had me like, “WOOAAAHH!!!” Keep being the supportive, awesome person you are dude! Your one of the best music creators I know!!

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Thanks so much!

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Thanks! Yeah, I have been trying a ton of styles recently.


Thanks for all that feeeback! Relating to why you said about some of the notes sounding a bit off in sing for you, I totally agree with this. Me being dumb, I used the vocal samples in a different key to what they actually were, so… ugh.

Good job me haha


Omg thanks! I never knew what people really thought about me but reading all these is making me so happy!


Wow this was probably the best bio of you ever lol. Congratulations and I’ll be sure to check out more of your mooosic this week!:+1:t2::tada::v:t2::cow:

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CC. @iammane, @lenberg

Happy fathers day by the way. :wink: