Forum Member of the Week - 24 SanaB :sb:


I’m glad you enjoyed it! Had a blast making this track with @Coral :smile:

stay tuned :smile:

Thank you so much! :smile:

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yeah xD I remember we were in that Secret Santa thing and I remixed Crippled. That was a great track and a fun one to remix!

thank you!

Thank you so much!

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Your track “Tides” makes me feel like I’m dreaming that I’m floating on a small cloud, and everything has been huge-ified, and I’m just floating around on my cloud exploring everything, lol. That’s exactly how I feel, lol, when I listen to that track! :joy::joy:

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Track-awesomeness-o-meter (showing my top fav tracks)
3-Lift off

Your tracks are always just :ok_hand: and they keep getting better
Keep up the awesomeness

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@anon73773654 ! Congratulations! :tada:

Your style is extremely soothing, I absolutely enjoy it. Collaborating with you was really fun, I was able to add my style into something so calm and soothing.

Again, congratulations, keep pursuing music. You’re great at it!


I agree; had a blast working with you!

Thank you so much :smile:

@anon73773654, your stuff is super nice, i thought i was following u but i wasn’t apparently - am now!

I really love the chill style you put out, it just brings awesome vibes. All of your stuff is really well put together, and all it all flows. Im really jealous of your transitions cuz they are soooo good.

super dope stuff all around, really awesome!

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Thanks ;D


I’ll admit that around a year ago, when I first saw the profile ‘Maverix’ with like 3 followers commenting on my latest track ‘Hypernova,’ I didn’t know that the same producer would evolve into a Grade A+ auxy superproducer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

congrats on the feature, loved your new song, keep up the great work!


Thanks xD I’ve really liked your stuff since the start. :smile:


Eyyy! Sana’s turn! Sana, I’d like to just say that I’m more than a bit jelly of you now. Your musical prowess has just absolutely exploded, and now I’m left in the dust. I remember when you only had like 50 followers on SC, and now you’re on Spotify and Apple Music… Man, I feel wack. But if there’s one thing you’re really good at, it’s being quite supportive.

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Wowwww it’s your week! Congratulations, legendary SanaB :clap::clap:
Honestly like it’s amazing seeing how you have progressed in your music—I first listened to your track Believe, and since then you’ve gone so far, managing to develop a future chill-esque style. Like you even got a release on Cosmic Superior and made your own label melo… you’re definitely going places.

Keep up the awesome work and don’t let writers’ block get in the way :ok_hand:

@tornait Yeah she’s supportive af


Thanks, Tornait! I’m seriously a big fan of your jazzy stuff though, won’t stop being supportive of that :joy:

the l e g e n d a r y coconux called me legendary! :0

Thank you so much <3 you’re definitely one of the best friends I’ve made since I started music, thank you for being so legendar-ing-ly nice (is that a word? idc)

You’re the best :sunglasses::ok_hand:t3::coconut:


@anon73773654 I didn’t know you were a girl

You grew pretty fast, believe will always be my favourite but I love the way you try to experiment with new things whether it’s a success or not. I’ve experimented with a few things and sometiems it don’t work out but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting and trying new things. Keep it up Sana

You’re constantly improving your music with every release you make. One of my favorites is ‘Tranquility’ with HAYVN, that one sounds way better than most pop music right now. Your chill music never ceases to impress, either, especially Perception and Amethyst. Also you’re a really nice, supportive person in general. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :smile:

Right back at ya :ok_hand:

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The self destruct button has been activated, so if anyone else wants to leave feedback for SanaB, the countdown is on…

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