Forum Member of the Week - 23 TAURUS


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Thanks dude!

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I’m glad you like it!

:smile:Thanks! Very much appreciated!

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Thank you!

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I will let you know when I’m available. I’ve been busy

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Thanks man. Same goes to you!

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Love your music @TAURUS!

Thoughts - Really cool percussion in the beginning. I love the arps in the middle. The second drop is pretty cool. I’d recommend layering the bass a bit more though. Great job overall!

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Here’s what I like about you: Your name, your music, and your personality, which is bright :slight_smile:

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@TAURUS had lots of fun listening to your songs! here’s what i thought:


i really loved the arpeggio in the beginning as well as the percussion! the sound design for this one was really amazing and i liked the snare fill you used. great job! probably one of my favorites.


this one was really emotional! the strings added a really nice effect and the chords were really nice as always. i think you could’ve switched up some of the samples in the ledge kit though to fit the feel more (especially the kick).


another classic taurus arp! they really make your style stand out a lot. the samples in this were super cool and the pitch bend on the hihats was coooool.


probably one of my favorite of yours from the ep! the lofi drums were well made and the guitar & melodic percussion actually inspired a song of mine lol.


this one went superrrrr hard. usually not into this sorta heavy stuff but i’m really digging the bassline! nice job!


wubby piano! i think one thing i love most about your songs other than the arps are the drums, bc they always sound so professional. case in point: this song.

had a great time listening through your music! keep up the awesome work! ;D

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Don’t think I’ll be able to write feedback in time. Sorry. I’ll leave some comments when I get time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey Taurus,

I like the way your tracks are quite varied and use a range of sounds. And I smiled when I saw your genre tags in Soundcloud. Like IDK, Whatever & Emotionalish. :slight_smile: Also your drums are always interesting to listen to.

After listening to a bunch of your tracks in a row, my favs are

Thanks for being our Forum Member of the Week!

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Hey @TAURUS! Sorry for the SUPER last second reply. I was going to type it up earlier and got kinda distracted like I usually do. After listening to a bunch of your tracks, I feel like I can definitely notice an evolution in your style. I feel like your newer tracks feel a lot more… well… ‘full’ I guess. I like the way a lot of your newer pieces come together. I really like the variation in styles though. I like the kind of chill vibes of Feelings and Thoughts. Those two tracks were really nicely composed and had some great sound design. I discovered your Collab Rift a while ago and have always been a fan of it. You and @TXA did some SICK work on that one. I’m always a fan of Slope basslines and you two mixed it very well. Overall a very awesome track. Your Collab Cougar with @Southborne was also really well thought out. Deep bass sounds and awesome drum fills made for a great feel. Gave me the chills lol. I love the trancey feel of The Younger Years - it has a really well executed shifting baseline around 1:45. I’ve followed you and will make sure to check out some of your even older tracks too. Sorry I couldn’t give super structured feedback - I just wanted to make sure I got this in before the topic locked. Keep up the good work. I’ll make sure to follow you in a minute!

Woah I was just listening some more - 4 Your Duroz Only is awesome. This bass is the best thing. Nicely done mate.

One more thing - I think one of my favorites has to be Wildfire now that I’ve listened to it. It’s constantly evolving and has some great sound design. I love the little climb? arpeggio, and the drop has a great beat. Just wanted to throw that in.

(Also I remember when Watermelon got featured. Great track. :wink: )

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I really liked your BTC 22 submission! Gratz about the feature!

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Sorry I didn’t get to look at any of your tracks, they had me booked yet again at work this week and the only two days I had off I wasn’t feeling the best. :<< I’ve heard good things though and I’ll do my best to check it out later though!

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