Forum Member of the Week - 21: Mr. Anderson

Congrats @MR_ANDERSON. You were on of the first auxy ppl i listened to. You have an amazing style of music, and your chords are :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: I mean, fr the chords that u used in Reverence (my fav song of yours) are INCREDIBLE. I loved remixing the build up and drop!

Your music is spectacular, and I always love listening to it, and your stuff in the Auxy tourney was DOPE. I think your build ups are just so unique to you, and also so distinctive to your music. Also, your drums are so perfect for every song you make.

Your music is so advanced and well thought out, and you are one of the best auxy dudes in the game. I also love the way that the names of your songs and the cover art reflect the sound so well!

Keep up the amazing work!

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I’ve loved everything since Tempest and I’m gonna keep on listening!!

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yusss, i get to listen to @MR_ANDERSON for 20 minutes!

your remix of trey’s “lift” is amazing. i no longer have to put lift on repeat and give him an uneven play to like ratio (sorry trey, i just can’t stop listening lol). but now i can listen to this as well! the wubs are amazing and the snare is perfect. only thing I’m unsure about is how far it deviated from the OG lol. If you released this as an original song, it would take me a while to figure out it was based off lift. Still good nonetheless.

your collab with Austin Haga is just perfect. best collab I’ve ever heard made in auxy. your two styles go together perfectly. nothing to suggest.

life is also a great one from the ep. i especially love the buildup and the drums in the chorus. i feel like the new auxy demo project was inspired by this song. 400th play!

i absolutely love the piano in the waters w/ eddxe. i think you could remove the pitch bend in the hihats though, and i think some lowpassed “distant talk in a coffee shop” sample would sound good. (maybe it’s because when i first heard the song, I was on a voice chat without knowing it and I thought the distant talking sounded good with the piano lol.)

pangea is so awesome! as always, the chord progression is perfect. i think the melody is a tad too repetitive but everything else makes up for it lol.

for some random reason I never really heard your music from before pangea. stupid choice of mine.

icebreaker is probably another one of your best. i really like the chillness in the beginning, and the percussion fills during the chorus were absolutely amazing.

and retrospect omg. i can’t stop listening. the melody in the intro is really nice and the pitch drop was also really fitting. everything that came after that was pure awesomeness.

and catalyst oh my god how do you do this. every little detail is perfected, and the snare is just so gooooooood. there is literally no negative feedback possible for this track.

listened to some of your other songs as well; nicebreaker job! i had so much fun listening to your work, and I’ll be sure to listen more later today!

and on a completely unrelated note… would you like to collab? :slight_smile:

I already have given feedback but I hadn’t heard your remix of treys song, launch.

Honestly those are the best wubs I have ever heard.
I didn’t know wubs could sound like that. I love the thing that you did in beetween the wubs. Where alll the sounds sound like they are stretching.
I am abosolutely blown away at every single song of yours.
You sure have a future in producing.

Hey Mr A,

Your tracks always feature such uplifting positive & chilled-out leads and progressions. There’s a calmness to them. And total control.

Dire’ (Beat the Clock #25) is a one of my favs; It’s a short but lovely piano solo.

And although it was last year, Catalyst remains one of the best Auxy tracks of all time. That intro and first build is still outstanding.

I suggest that you continue to smash it.



If his music is always upliftingly positive, I would like to see him try to make something a bit more…dark…right? See what would happen? What the result would be?

To add to my past feedback-
I re-listened to Catalyst after a long time and wow. Still blown away. Great work on everything, really.

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I really agree with the total control part, everything is tuned perfectly, and the chords come in and out really nicely.

Your songs almost seam “fragile” or delicate. But with an intensity to them added by the drops.
(What’s the word for that? Eloquent?):joy:

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Sorry I haven’t been able to listen to your tracks this week. They practically had me booked for work and everything. I’ve heard good things about your tracks though, and I’m certain they were well-earned. I’ll try to get some time in to listen hopefully soon (again with me not listening to anything ever it just sorta happens)

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I like your music because melodies in your tracks are just gentle and chill.
I noticed that you did some collaboration and remix which turned out so well. I’ve listened The Beacon so many times, and I also love the collab track with kayasho…
Your latest remix sounds really cool as well, which definitely deserves more plays and likes…

Stay cool!


Just wanna quickly say that Catalyst and the collab with Kayasho are a couple of my favorite Auxy songs.


Thanks for being our 21st Forum Member of the Week Mr Anderson!!