Forum Member of the Week - 21: Mr. Anderson

Featured Auxy Artist #21: @MR_ANDERSON

Mr_Anderson lives in Minnesota in 'Merica and is one of the most acclaimed producers in the Auxy community. He won a forum unicorn for his track Catalyst, which was voted 3rd best Auxy track of 2017. He describes himself as a Christian Teen music lover, who plays in the orchestra, eats chords for breakfast and enjoys soccer.

Mr_A has hosted Beat The Clock, has been shortlisted for Beat The Clock and ran a New Years challenge in the forum. He’s released two albums:

Phenomena (Nov 2017)

Pangaea (March 2018)

Mr_Anderson is also part of Three String Band.

Listen to his musical output right here

Week starting: 21 May 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of their tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about their music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
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Check out the tracks here: :soundcloud:

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Congrats! Will try to give you feedback

Congrats. I like the more chill style of EDM that your tracks generally have. With that said, you still pump out some major headbangers.

You did a good job on Darkness of Night. The whole vibe of the song was very grand and was a bit akin to a couple of the Interstellar soundtracks if you’ve seen that. For the relatively longer duration of the track, you kept it varied nicely and the track as a whole was mixed well.

Your BTC #25 was also very good and the effort you put into it shows despite the fact that it was of shorter duration.

Keep the producing up. :ok_hand:



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Thanks! Can’t wait to hear everyone’s feedback!


Okay I love all your songs…
However my 3 favorite are (from least to most)

I love the chords and the wubs that play throughout the whole song, they give it a “groovy feel” The Drops are amazing, I love the drop melody, and the drum fill right before it. The way you transitioned out of the drop sounded a bit weird, with the two broken chords then back into normal. Also the piano riff, although amazing also seams a bit out of place, I think if it faded in it might sound better.

The simplicity of this song is what appeals to me (out of the drop is mostly piano and drums, the drop is chords and ?gossip? Playing notes before chords) When most songs are like 8 instruments out of the drop and 12 during.
The piano is beautifully composed, and the pads that fade in during the build sound really cool.
I would listen to the drop in this song like 15 times a day, for a few weeks. That sounds like a lot but I really love this song.

My favorite song of yours is…Auxy tournament round two (the drum fill one):
I don’t think I have ever heard something like this, it’s tropical, it’s jazzy, it’s future bass like, but it’s also Mr Anderson style. And I love how chill the drop is, but how it works so well.
Please make this into a full version, I will repost it, and I guarantee auxy also will.

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Congratz Anderson!:tada:

First Collab with you is a great memorable experience that I will never forget!:blush:

At that time, I made you struggle. I apologize and thank you once again.:sweat_smile:

My Fav Anderson’s song best 3





YO congratulations bro! I absolutely dig your stuff! Catalyst, Reverence, Retrospect, Pangaea are all favorites. My all time favorite of yours is LIFE, which is sweet and idk how it’s not like your most popular song xD.
Your such a great producer in EDM, Future bass, and more! Congrats again! <3

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And finally, the time has come to give feedback to the one and only MR ANDERSON!

I love your music. All of it really. I’ve had the Pangaea EP on repeat for weeks, ever since it was released.

My favorite is probably going to be either Darkness of the Night or Pangaea, both are super solid tracks and there isn’t much I’d change.

For Darkness of the Night, there are a few points where the sweeper is a bit loud (especially in the intro) and detracts a bit.

Pangaea is great but one thing that could be improved would be the introduction. The first time I listened to Pangaea, I didn’t particularly like the song before the drop. It felt kind of anti-climactic and boring. I no longer feel that way, but it was my first impression of the song :smiley:

Keep up the great work!

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Congrats!!! I’ll most likely give feedback soon!

:grin:I loved making that song! Super fun!


Thanks for the feedback! I definitely see where you’re coming from about the sweeper in Darkness of Night. I’m trying to spend more time mixing my tracks, so sweeper volume should be less of an issue going forward. So glad you enjoy Pangaea!



Your remix of Trey’s Launch has some nice chords in the beginning. I love the pitch rise at the very start and those awesome toms, the fill. Great stuff! the lowpassed snare and clap are very nice. The little happy melody thing background thingy that comes in in the build is really nice, and sounds so professional! You are one of my favourite auxy artists. The highpass in the build is very nice and kinda feels like you are taking off out of Earth’s atmosphere. The toms mixed the filly drums in the build to the drop are so cool! And then those WUBS!!! They are so amazing! How they aren’t just wubs, the chords are amazing, the bass sounds so cool. And in between wubs the thingy is just so amazing and I love it! The drums are especially good, the choice of samples is very good. The use of toms in the drop is also very good and keeps things fast and exciting. The melody that comes after the drop is very cool and goes well with the chords and happy thingies. I love that at 1:22 the melody is singled out because I really like it and wanted to hear it more. Can I hear some melodic percussion? Because I like it if it is. or if it isnt. The lowpassed snare in the build is nice but very quiet. The claps are nice, and so is the highpass again. The toms are cool because they are different from the other tom patterns and they sound quite unique. And those wubs are great again! I love how the wub pattern is different in that drop, so it varies more and makes it more exciting. Amazing stuff. The melody I liked that was singled out earlier is nice in the drop and just the right volume. The outro chords and drums are nice, I like the drums lowpassing out. I LOVE how the song ends, the very last chord sounds so good, and then reverb. Amazing! What a great song. You are definitely one of the BEST of the BEST auxy artists.

Your Auxy tornament 3 Round 3 is amazing! Wait, let me guess the instrument you were selected to use… marble!? I always thought that that was a useless instrument, but this sounds amazing! The chords are great, the melody goes perfectly. I love those 5 notes ‘do do do do do’ before the wubs. So cool! The lowpassed snare is cool. The wubs are great! The melodies and appregios and notes with the wubs make it so unique. The breaks, the drums, the everything, so cool and so marble! And I just noticed you used a outdoor birdsound sample as well! Great!

Your Auxy tornament 3 Round 2 is my favourite so far! The fill at the very start is so amazing! The samples you use are great. The strings at the start, the chords and melody with them are so cool! I love how you used pitch blending on them. The lowpassed snare is nice. The clap snare snare snare before the drop is nice and transitions it nicely. In my opinion the drop wub pattern could maybe be a bit different. imho I would’ve changed the fourth chord and the sixth chord, but it’s still nice! I love the little melodic ding after the first wub and some of the others. Very nice. The drums are especially good. Extremely nice fills; I can see why you progressed to round 3. The stress melody reminds me a lot of my entry, very similar. I like how you created… wait… let me search up Dj La Rocca on YouTube… uploads, yes… ah! Tremelo. I like how you used tremolo on the stress melody. It’s also a very good melody. The after drop strings are very good, and the drums are nice carrying on… and lowpassing out. The ending reminds me a lot of the ending of your remix of Trey’s launch, but that was still amazing so I loved it. My favourite so far!

Your Auxy tornament 3 Round 1 is so cool! The piano chords are really, cool and that happy thingy again! Awesome. The fast claps are nice and simple but cool. The fill before the drop is niceee. I can definitely hear the highpass. The strong chords in the background are cool. The drop is nice. One of the chords reminds me of a song but I’ve forgotten what it is. The really fast drum fill break is cool. The drop has nice piano in the second half, the fills are even mroe cool, so many of them! The outro is nice, with the highpass and that cool melody. That was the most jam packed awesome 53 seconds ever! Cool!

Okay, one more. Imma do 03 - life. The intro has such beautiful chords, and that melody in the background is PERFECT! The drum fill at 0:21 is cool. The bass is nice and heavy with nice pitch. There are so many elements already! The piano is really cool, everything is beautiful and works together. I like the claps lowpassing out, the lowpassing in for the build. The riser in the build is really cool. AND THE DROP!!! The chords are so strong and amazing! I love the electronic in between the chords, which blends. I like in the second half how you also included wubs. The drums are also EPIC! The drop transitions nicely out, and I like the trap beat. I love 1:47 and how the drums lowpass out, and the sweeper kinda reveals a beautiful melody and effects. The build is great, and the second drop is AMAZING!!! The I think highpassed strong chords inbetween strong chords is so cool, the drums are fast and exciting, the fills are great, the chords are beautiful! This is so amazing! The after drop melody is nice and feel. I think I can hear some strings. At 2:53 the feel of the song is a bit odd, with the combination of the new pattern of chords and melody, but it’s pretty nice. My favourite so far!

My favoruite was 03 - Life, my second favoruite was your Auxy tornament 3 round 2 entry. Your music is SO AMAZING!!! I was blown away by all your tracks. Just amazing! So great!



Something that really stands out about your music is how you can make stuff all sorts of genres and still twist your own style into it. That’s hard to do. Both your melodies and chords are also really great. Your cover art also looks awesome and always reflects the song it’s for.

Not much else to say feedback-wise. Keep up the good work!

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Top Ten Chord Progressions:
1 Catalyst
2 Catalyst
3 Catalyst
4 Catalyst
5 Catalyst
6 Catalyst
7 Catalyst
8 Catalyst
9 Catalyst
10 Catalyst


Haven’t had time to leave feedback so in case I don’t I’ll say this-
Mr. A, I love your music! I still really want to remix Icebreaker. Don’t know if you got my message or not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Your chords are some of the best in the community. Your BTCs are all some of the best (I really mean it). I also think you were extremely good in the tournament. It was a shame to see you go. My favorite track you did has always been your BTC #19. It’s really charming. I also just realized I forgot to like it so that’s done now.

Great work!

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YOOOOO!!! Mr. Anderson!!! Your track “Life” is really cool!! I really wish I could make music like that!!! Damn! That track just earned you another follower!! :ok_hand: :fire:

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There’s still time to play Mr Anderson’s music and provide feedback.

Step 1: Listen.

Step 2: Provide feedback.

Step 3: Experience positive karma.


Ok so you have an awesome style, really distinctive. Normally I’m not a big fan of future bass, but you combine it with really energetic and euphoric leads and breaks, which make your tracks really enjoyable to listen to. You’re also way up there in terms of chord progressions, those are awesome, especially the piano ones. Catalyst is definitely my favorite song of yours; it’s one of my favorite Auxy songs ever. Pangaea and Icebreaker are really cool too!
I also looked at your upload schedule, and damn, you make a lot of music, and it’s all quality. I really can’t think of anything you could improve on, so keep it up man!

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WOW! So much positive feedback!! Thank you guys SO much! :grin: