Forum Member of the Week - 20: Thrashie :Thrashie:

@Thrashie is the wav king! Always using loads of .wav files that fit perfectly in his eerie tracks. He is also one of my all time biggest listeners! Keep up the awesomeness dude!

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Not much to say feedback-wise. You’re a great producer, keep it up!

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Ok time for some feedback ;3

Ceres (w/ E/E) - Absolutely fantastic

Oni-Chan (w/ E/E) - Absolutely fantastic, weeaboo bro ;3

Ok this was a joke

In all seriousness, your tracks are seriously interesting. I love how inspiring the first trailer for your album was, Beginnings & Endings. Since then I’ve really enjoyed listening to your music. There’s really nothing I want to criticize either x3

And yes… you use way too many samples.

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Listened to “Mafia.” Wow, do you like your samples! The automation is terrific, too. So complex.


My thoughts exactly

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There’s still some time left to provide feedback.

Get Thrashie

Agreed, his automation work is always impressive. Sometimes there’s… just too much of it xD it makes it so hard to do things with his music sometimes. Trust me… having to recreate all his drum automation from scratch was a pain. This guy, instead of just using an 8 bar scene without a note, used a four bar scene and automated a note out instead. I’m like… why must you torment me x3

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I honestly think that it’s impossible to recreate your tracks, which makes you definitely one of the most unique producers on this forum. The automation is crazy. I think I would define your tracks as controlled chaos; there’s so much going on but it still sounds great. Mafia and Himiko are my favorite tracks of yours because these are really some next level tracks. Please continue this style, I’m curious where this will lead you to.
My only bit of feedback, or rather an advice or warning, is to not overdo it, but I’m confident that this won’t happen since you already nail your tracks, so you will only get better :wink: Keep it up man!

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Hi there!

I think you are one of the most inspiring creators that enhance Auxy’s possibilities.
When I first listen “The Mariana’s web”, I was so impressed with selection of beautiful and interesting sounds.
Also, just listened to “Mafia”, and I think I really love this type of well structured and glitching cool songs. Great job!!!
Look forward to your next song :slight_smile:

PS. Lovely logo btw
PS2. Seems like you really love Japan… if you need any Japanese translations, I’m always happy to help you :slight_smile: いつでもどうぞー

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whoa there @Thrashie! your songs are so amazing! they’re really heavy and original! :smiley:

i have zero experience with creating this genre, so i can’t really give a lot of feedback. even if i was, i don’t think any feedback is possible.

i absolutely love your use of samples, and the drums you create sound art of this world. himiko blew my mind.

the teaser collab you did with akyut also was so perfect. like some comments said, it would be perfect for a spooky movie trailer.

the intro in street was outta this world lol. the percussion was also on point.

listened & liked through a couple other songs of yours as well. keep up the awesome work! :smile:

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Hey Thrashie :thrashie:,

When you create unique / different / experimental music, it’s probably harder to get positive feedback. Weird can go wrong, but it doesn’t with you. The forum clearly digs your stuff. And so do I. There’s no-one else in the Auxy forum producing anything like Himiko.

One of my fav authors is China Mieville, who writes weird SciFi and your music seems like the musical equivalent. You take strange and unusual ideas and make them appealing for people who may not generally listen to that type of music. Like, Evil under the Floorboard is nasty evil with screaming, but it still sounds appealing somehow. Your artwork’s weird / interesting too.

I don’t even know how you made Street work. But it does.

Wish I’d listen to your Omen tracks sooner. So much innovation, sound variation, atmosphere, musical complexity and energy. It’s also cool that you share your projects for remixing / looking at.

Nice work bro. And thanks for being our 20th Forum Member of The Week.


Sorry for the last second reply! I’ve been really busy this week with testing at school. I really like your style. Its really unique, with some glitchy aspects to it, and it’s really powerful. I think you’ve done a great job with that style in Mafia. I absolutely love the teasers of Sheol’s Leviathan. I think that one’s my favorite, probably followed by Street. Everything has a really wide feel to it. I don’t know how else to describe it. I really like where you’re going with your stuff, and I look forward to hearing some more!

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