Forum Member of the Week - 20: Thrashie :Thrashie:

This week, several random selections were tossed back in the selection pool, as they hadn’t provided any feedback recently. But then the super-dooper-randomiser spat out…

Featured Auxy Artist #20: @Thrashie

Thrashie (A.K.A Zack Riley, A.K.A RainbroThrash) is from Texas and likes anime, gaming and playing the drums. His musical tastes include Trap, Hybrid Trap, Experimental Trap, Dubstep, Drumstep and… metal (he’d like to start a Deathcore band). He listens to ThaTrackaz, Jordan Comoli, Scraton, Vylet & Taps.

There’s darker themes explored in his music, in case the album name “Omen”, the name “Thrashie” and his upcoming track named “Evil under Floorboards” didn’t make that clear. There’s also an experimental aspect to his music. It’s different. And interesting. Plus, one of his Auxy tracks is written entirely using imported samples.

Listen to Thrashie’s music.

:thrashie: :thrashie: :thrashie: :thrashie: :thrashie: :thrashie: :thrashie: :thrashie:

Week starting: 14 May, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of their tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about their music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want to be featured, remember to comment for others!

Check out the tracks here: :soundcloud:

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Congrats! Will give you and @Andrew_Adams (sorry I can’t find time I’m so sorry) this week :+1: :thrashie:


Grats on FMOTW. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually started listening to your stuff rather recently, and although I’m not really a fan of trap in general, your technical abilities as far as producing (mixing, etc.) are on point. Probably the most impressive is your instrument choice though, as it eliminates a lot of the “Auxy” sound that you hear in a lot of tracks produced with Auxy.

I’d personally make things a bit more melodic than what you currently have, but I understand that you produce in more of a heavy dubstep-like trap rather than melodic trap.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who left feedback on my tracks for FMOTW by the way. It goes a long way. :+1:


OMG I am so dumb HAHAHA :joy::man_facepalming:
I can’t believe this
I thought it said Elvis under the floorboards :joy::rofl:
And I saw it on soundcloud and still thought it said that…
I actually thought you named a song Elvis under the floorboards :joy:
Oh man…
Someone should name a song that tho :grin:


my god thats actually genius


also heres the link for Taps channel

and vylet

no worries man ^-^

Thanks for the links. I’ve added them above.

Wasn’t sure if I found the right artists, so didn’t post links originally.

no problem ^-^ those two are actually friends of mine from a while back so any publicity for them helps (although they seem pretty established anyways lol) wished i meet Scraton though, almost did. he seems SUPER down to earth from what ive heard from others.
(believe it or not Taps, Vylet, and Scraton are all friends)

I don’t have any specific feedback on specific songs, anything (everything) you post I listen to. One of my favorite producers around these parts, what you do in this app blows my mind. Keep it up man that’s all I gotta say

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Congrats dude! I’ll be leaving feedback soon

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Congrats man! I can just tell you put so much time and effort into your music because it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before from an Auxy producer. You deserve it!

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Ive been listening to your stuff for a little while, just whenever I come across it. The FMOTW allowed me to relisten to your stuff and really made me appreciate your mixing skills and amazing ability to make really transient, deep trap.

Your drums on all of the tracks are awesome and really thoughtful. The use of samples is incredible too.

Amazing job on all of your stuff, and I’m really pumped to hear what you come out with in the future.

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Sheol’s Leviathan is one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard and I absolutely love it.


I gotta say, I totally dig your stuff. I’m usually not logged in when I listen which is a bummer because I haven’t liked too many of your songs, but seriously, you have a real talent and unique style. Keep it up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

Honestly mate, your stuff is not what I’d normally listen to. But if there’s one thing I can make clear, you do an amazing job at it. I can even say you’ve clearly carved out your own niche in this community. Keep it up, mate.

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Congratumalations @Thrashie

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So here’s my feedback

—Sheol’s Leviathan: The tension in the intro is pretty good, also nice use of samples. The bass that hits at around 30 seconds fits perfectly, especially with the high tone. That inception-esc noise at 0:47 sounds awesome with the song, maybe used a little too much. but still well placed. Also those vocal samples at 1:02. again, perfect choice. Ominous af. That wonky bass at 1:20 really threw me for a loop, awesome pitch bending on that one. The pause before the drop legit killed me. In real life. I am now dead. Those growls were so PERFECT! The amount of crazy things going on in the drop just makes it so awesome, especially the automation. It’s so well done and so cinematic for a track that’s only 2 minutes long. I’d say without a doubt that drop had some of the best automation I’ve ever heard in an Auxy trap track. 10/10

Mafia: Some dope horns going on here, love it. Lowpass and pitch automation wraps it all together. And the vocal sample at 0:35… ominous and wierd af, for a second I was going “wtf was that”. Now the drop, not much is to be said other than Holy donut dude. The entire vibe is so swingy and rough and I love it! But the part at 1:10 just wraps it all together, nice rhythm. After the drop you have a nice ominous buildup, which sets the mood just right for another drop. I’ve no idea how you pulled off the last drop, but all I can say is, again, excellent automation. 9/10

Himoko: Sick rhythm right at the start, especially with that creepy guitar (i think its a guitar?) The bass is also as toney and growly as frick. Now the drop, couldve used a bit more fill, but i think you fixed that later on. Also perfect placement of those vocal samples., and that horn (i think) sounds on point. Automation is ONCE AGAIN, lit. I love it when stuff starts getting crazy around 2:30. which fixes the fill problem. Later on in the track… 3:03 has to be one of my favorite parts, those kicks are placed perfectly and work so well those bass hits. And then the final drop… those whispery noises duuuude.!!! Nothing else can be said here other then 9/10