Forum Member of the Week - 19: Arimyth

Congratulations! I’ll try to give some feedback soon.

What can I say, I love your music

Thanks for the feedback so far! :slightly_smiling_face:

@ezA I’m glad that you like my tracks–I’m actually going to release one in a day or two. :ok_hand:

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@MisterMaster Sorry I haven’t been doing these, but I just caught up, and I’m going to stay caught up from now on.

@Arimyth Really good music! I didn’t have much feedback since it is already so good, but I left a couple comments on Enigma.


We should be giving this guy more feedback on this thread or comments on his Soundcloud! If anyone sees this, please give him some comments or feedback.


Void has a nice intro. The silo is nice, and so is the bass. The the drums which suddenly come in are cool. I love the chords, and the chords with the delay. And the silo use sounds great again. This is a very groovy song. I LOVE the snare with lowpass coming in. The melody goes very well with the chords. The drums, bass, chords and melody at around the 2:00 minute mark are perfect. At 2:07 the drums are so nice and I love how everything apart from the bass and silo go out. It gives a sense of atmosphere which is nice and fits the name of the song and cover art. The trap beat coming in is nice and has great rhythm. I like the melody at 2:23. Again, it goes very well with the silo and bass. I LOVE the part at 2:50. AND THE PART AT 3:18 IS FIRE!!! The lowpassed snare, FILLS and BREAKS!!! What I love the most in this Auxy world :stuck_out_tongue:. The chords are on point, and I love the volume automation (it might be lowpass) which sound like wubs but are kinda like automation blocks. I don’t know how to explain what I’m thinking of, but I love it. The pan out is very good. At 4:15 I love the snare you are using. GREAT SONG!

Enigma! What an awesome name. And the cover art is also really cool. The piano at the beginning is amazing! Great note writing. It would be worse with just chords, but you have made it so the chords are unique and have variation! The hihats which come in are perfect for the mood, and the kick is a nice addition. The lowpassed snare is my favourite thing so far. I just love fills. The oregon clap is nice (I think it’s that). I love the riser so much! And that fill before the drop. WOW!!! THAT DROP!!! That is some nice dubstep! I have recently been trying dubstep but I can only make it using samples. This is just amazing. Are you open for collabs :wink: ? Because if so, I would LOVE to collaborate with you. This is just amazing. The freak, lobster… it’s just amazing! And those drum fills as well… I would listen to this in my spare time. The electronic sounding arpeggios are nice. And I love the wubs to go with the dubstep. The bit where the dubstep goes out is nice because the piano is so beautiful. The sweeper is nice, and the piano is great. The melody that comes in is nice, and the second melody is nice as well! I love the boop boop boop beep beep bap bap beep boop beep thingy xD. The build is great again, love that build, especially the siren, and that kinda bwoosh thing like a time warp kinda which is there twice is so cool. The fill before the drop is nice and I love the siren wub thingy to go with it. The drop is fire again, and I love that it is a bit different from the first drop. I just love this so much! Just amazing. The pan out is nice. That was such a great song! 12/10.

Flashback I remember remix has a nice drum intro. The scarf (I think) chords are great and nice and groovy. The bass is nice. At 1:31 is when I start to really like this song. Those chords are SO groovy, the sounds are perfect. This reminds me of a song which isn’t the one you remixed… I really like it. The melody at 2:00 is nice. At 2:54 and 3:10 and 3:55 there is a chord which I don’t really like but that is one chord and the rest of the song is perfect. I have never heard the song which you remixed but I will probably like it because this is great! And the drums are perfect. My favourite part is at 4:00. I love how everything goes out apart from a few things that go PERFECTLY together. The last chord of the song is PERFECT to wrap it up and I feel like it left on a happy note. Literally. 102 out of :100:. Great job.

Lost has some great chords at the start. The mist is amazing. I love the second and fourth chord the most, and the third is very groovy. The hihats are nice, and the bass panning in is awesome. At first I thought it was vocals because of the lowpass xD. The melody in the build is very nice, the drums are also great. I LOVE the one note of mist before the drop. Small details like that show how much work is put into these songs. The drop is amazing and very groovy indeed. The fragment after the drop (I’m pretty sure it’s fragment I’m not sure) is very good and goes with the song. I love how this time the bass is quiet in the build (it hasn’t panned in yet.) The build is great AND I LOVE THAT ONE NOTE BEFORE THE DROP!!! Groovyness again in the drop with the melodies and chords and drums… all these elements just work so well together! This song is so great! I love the part where everything apart from that melody goes out… just wonderful. And I LOVE how the song ends on that one note… amazingly awesome. My favourite so far.

Disk can I first say has awesome cover art. And you made this in 15 minutes!? Great job! The lowpassed drums in the beginning are nice. The bass is very strong, but goes well with the awesome chords that pan in. I love the build, and the drop is pretty cool. Not your best, but it was made in 15 minutes so that’s ok lol. The mist (I think it’s mist) is nice. Great song!

Chrome is awesome. The chords, and many elements. I like this better than the other 15 minute challenge. This is awesome! The chords, the melody, the bass all go so well together. AND THAT DROP!!! How do you make that! Seriously! What sounds did you use? How?! I think the first part should have drums but that is so amazing! I love the melodic addition to the second half. The ending is great. I love that impacted ending.

That’s all I have time for now. Sorry I didn’t give too much. @Andrew_Adams I’ll try to get you done tommorrow. @Arimyth, you have great songs! I love them so much! Especially the dubstep :0 My favourite of yours was lost. You have so much potential to be big, and you are underrated! Great indeed. Agreed.


:bell: DING DING :bell:

Last call for feedback.

:arimyth: Listen to Arimyth

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You should get a unicorn for “Best feedback in the entire community” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad to hear that you like my tracks, and I’ve actually got a couple lined up (which I haven’t posted yet for some reason). We should definitely collaborate sometime.

So thanks for the detailed and helpful feedback–it helps to hear it from a listener because there’s really no substitute for it. :pray:



@Arimyth I love your chords man. Very rich. I’m also a big fan of your I Remember remix. Has a really sweet groove to it (Big mau5 fan here). I really like the chords of Terminal too. Well done arpeggios on that one. I feel like it has some kinda plain parts that could use some more layering and transition though. Overall I’m a fan of your style, and I’m curious to hear some more stuff you write. I really find your chord progressions pretty unique.

@Arimyth I’m a fan of those chords. Void is my favorite, i can see u like Deadmau5.
I like your melodies and apreggios

Sorry for being so late, I’ll try and drop some feedback/comments soon :wink:

I’ve listened to your music before. I didn’t really enjoy Enigma that much, but I did like Void. Sorry for not being more detailed than this, I’ve been rather busy since graduation.

And yet another artist that is breaking me out of my Trap music shell xP, Never thought id like synthwave but i guess theres a first for everything


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I just listened to a few of your tracks again. Your stuff is really cool man, especially Void and Enigma! I really enjoyed the atmosphere you created in Void; the intro had me hooked from the start and it was kept really dope throughout the track (the plucks are really on point :ok_hand:). The piano in Enigma is very good. Also, it sounded like a really experimental track, and it worked really well; the combination of bass and ‘regular’ wubs is dope. And I should not forget Remember (see that pun lol), what a classic that is, and your remake is awesome.
If I had to give you some feedback, I would perhaps have liked a bit more sub-bass in some of your tracks, e.g. both the drops in Enigma and Lost, to make a little heavier. But that’s my personal preference, you know I like heavy :grin:. I realise that you uploaded these tracks several months ago, so you’ve probably improved since then; the bass in Void was really good.
We need more of your tracks though :smiley: Keep it up!

@Arimyth Just revisted a lot of your songs! I love Void, the vibes are amazing and it’s so original. The only thing I would recommend would be using a different kit than Charge, maybe Frame or one of the new kits.

Enigma is probably my favorite by you. The piano is amazing and so are the drums. I love how you were able to combine future bass, classical piano, and future house all into one song and still making it flow very well.

Flashback has some groooovy drums at the beginning. I think you could’ve increased the lowpass on them though. The bass you added in later was pretty sweet.

I love the arpeggios in Lost! I like how you made a kick buildup instead of a snare buildup, it definitely added a really nice touch.

Chrome is really dope for 15 minutes. Probably something I love about your songs is how they retain an awesome original drum beat each time. Love the change-up at 0:56!

Liked a couple other songs of yours as well & included some comments throughout your tracks. Great job, you have quite an awesome profile! Congrats on FMOTW!

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Another good producer that I haven’t noticed…
Nice to see you!

The first thing I should mention is, you are defenately improving!!
Some of old songs are still good though, later pieces are more well layered and thicker. Basic structures like build ups and drops are much solid. great job!

Also I love some of songs with rather light, cute sounds/melodies like in Flashback and Summoned.

My favorites:
Void, Enigma(love the intro), Flashback(yes! Nostargia! “flashback”!), Summond, Flash

Can’t wait your next work!

I left you some comments on soundcloud. You’re a great producer, just keep making more music.

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Wish I could give you more feedback, but I’m listening to Void now and I can tell you definitely have some talent! I like the execution, and the instrument selection…only thing I would say is maybe try to have a little more variety. Keep up the good work, man!

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